Can AP take the resit exam?

8 March, 2021
Can AP take the resit exam? – You choose AP and wonder if you fail this exam, can you retake it? If you didn’t pass the AP exam first and wondered if you can take it again to improve your score? To answer the above questions, let’s find out can AP take the resit exam?

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Can AP take the resit exam?

The answer is yes! If you do not do well on the AP test, you can take it again the next time the exam is held in May of the following year. However, you should consider this decision carefully before making it for the following reasons:

  • Because there is no exam board, candidates usually take the exam at the AP school and the exam is held only once in May every year. If the subject you choose does not match the subject that the school offers the exam, you must find and choose another school in the country or abroad.
  • In case you want to keep test scores and do not send scores to the schools you choose to wait for the next exam results, you must register and pay the cost of keeping the AP exam scores, College Board will not publish your score. In addition, you also spend a lot of time reviewing and waiting for the exam to take place.
  • You do not need to take the AP resit exam just for the purpose of getting into universities. In fact, very few schools train as well as apply through AP. However, if you are sure that you can get college credit for a higher AP test score and it’s worth your extra effort, you can take the AP resit exam. In case you have scored 3 or 4 and wish to take the AP resit exam to improve to the highest score of 5, you need to consider carefully because it is still a pretty high score. It is more important that you have the advantage of taking AP exam in the first place rather than taking the AP resit test to get your target score.

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Benefits of taking AP resit exam

  • Increase advantages in leading universities in the US such as American University, Baylor University, Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University…
  • Reduce credit, shorten university programs, save time and costs.
  • Scholarship opportunity 8,000 – 22,000 USD.

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Where can take the AP resit exam?

In Vietnam, you can take the AP exam at international schools that offer AP programs such as:

  1. Saigon South International School (SSIS).
  2. International School Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy (ISHCMC – AA).
  3. The American School (TAS).

So you know can AP take the resit exam or not. Hope the above information will help you in your future education path.

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