Can freelance candidate register for IGCSE exam?

13 June, 2020
Can freelance candidate register for IGCSE exam? – IGCSE, developed and managed by Cambridge University International Examination Council – CIE, is the most popular general education program for students from 14 to 16 years old. But if do not attend IGCSE at an international school, can freelance candidate register for IGCSE exam?

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The globally recognized IGCSE certificate is a solid foundation for pre-university programs such as IB, A-level, AP… IGCSE offers opportunities to study at top schools and universities in many countries with developed education systems around the world. Students possessing IGCSE certificate are recognized for their presentation skills, problem-solving skills, creative skills, English skills… and are easily integrated into the international environment.

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IGCSE program lasts for 2 years and allows students the freedom to choose their favorite subjects in accordance with future college orientation among more than 70 subject areas.

Although Cambridge Council does not require students to choose what subject, but depending on the school, the compulsory subjects will be different. Each student will choose from 6 to 9 subjects, usually include basic subjects such as Math, English, Science… The remaining subjects, students will choose among more than 70 subjects that the program offers.

Depending on their ability, students can choose Core or Extended level:

  • IGCSE Core: Being suitable for most students because the content is mainly fundamental knowledge.
  • IGCSE Extended: Including IGCSE Core and advanced content, usually chosen by students who desire A* to C.
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So can freelance candidate register for IGCSE exam?

In addition to study officially at the international school, IGCSE allows freelance candidates to register and receive certificate for each subject. Each year, there are 2 examinations taking place in May to June and October to November. The tests will be scored in the UK and the results will be announced in August and January. In Vietnam, you can register to take the exam in British Council through the website or contact directly with British Council Vietnam for registration. That is the answer for the question: Can freelance candidate register for IGCSE exam?

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