Can I change my AP subjects?

3 July, 2021
Can I change my AP subjects? – The AP program gives students lots of advantages when applying to international colleges, especially in the US, so getting a good AP score is important. But if you choose an AP course that is not suitable for your ability, you may wonder: “can I change my AP subjects?”

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About AP program

AP (Advanced Placement) is administered by the College Board. AP includes courses to familiarize students with the university curriculum and provides the opportunity to accumulate college credits right from high school. The AP exam is held in May annually and the test will be scored from 1 to 5 points, as long as you get 3 points, you will pass the exam. Passing the AP exam proves you are capable of pursuing a university program and increases your chances of getting into the university of your choice. Therefore, AP students often have to carefully choose subjects that are suitable for their abilities and future career orientation to be able to improve their knowledge when entering the university. But what if you learn an AP subject for a while and figure out that you are unable to continue with that subject, you may wonder: “can I change my AP subjects?” Let give you the answer below!

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Can I change my AP subjects?

Although AP allows students to choose 6 subjects out of 38 subjects that are included in 7 main subject groups: Research & Seminars; Art; English; History & Social Sciences; Math & Computer Science; Science; World Languages ​​& Cultures, but it is still inevitable that many students who have studied for a while then start to feel depressed and pressured because of not appropriation. AP still allows students to change subjects but you should consider where you are in the program: 

  • If you’re studying grade 10, changing subjects shouldn’t have too much of an impact on keeping up with the new curriculum (Consider with your parents first as there will be a fee when transferring subjects). This will really be the right decision for those of you who do not want to continue in a subject that you do not like or is contrary to your future major.
  • But what if you’re learning grade 11 or 12? This may seem less advantageous than the reason above because you are close to finishing your AP course and switching subjects can significantly affect your time and your score. In this case, consider carefully and discuss with your teacher or tutor to find the most useful and correct advice.
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To avoid changing AP subjects on the way, students should pay attention to identifying your ability and your passion: Take time to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses, the future major you want to pursue, the difficulties you may encounter in the process of studying these subjects, etc. to make the best decision.

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