Can I change my IGCSE subjects?

16 August, 2021
Can I change my IGCSE subjects? – Some parents are oriented to send their children to IGCSE but are still worried “Can I change my IGCSE subjects?”

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Is the IGCSE certificate important?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is recognized as an official secondary school qualification for students to continue their education in High Schools in the UK and other countries. IGCSE is designed and managed by CIE – Cambridge International Examinations organization of the University of Cambridge (UK).

IGCSE is chosen by most international schools and bilingual schools to teach students from 14 to 16 years old, almost equivalent to high school in Vietnam. After completing the IGCSE program, students can pursue higher education programs such as British Baccalaureate (A-level), International Baccalaureate (IB), AP,… before entering University,…

When you have an IGCSE degree, you need to meet the requirements for IGCSE scores to be considered for admission to A-level, AP, IB,… In addition, some recruitment companies also require Job applicants to meet the minimum Maths and English requirements of the IGCSE program (or equivalent). Studying IGCSE is very important, so students will wonder: “Can I change my IGCSE subjects?

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Can I change my IGCSE subjects?

The answer is yes. Of course the question “is it possible to change subjects in the IGCSE program?” is plausible. Students have the right to drop or change IGCSE subjects at will as long as you still have at least 5 subjects from the total number of subjects you apply for.

If a student wishes to change a subject with reasons such as: “The subject is too difficult”, “I don’t like studying this subject”, “I chose the wrong subject”, … then you can directly contact your academic advisor or your school’s administrator department to learn more about the subject change process.

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Although the IGCSE program allows students to change their subjects, students should carefully consider when to change subjects:

If you’re in your first year of IGCSE, changing subjects shouldn’t have too much of an impact on keeping up with the new curriculum (Consider with your parents first as you may have to pay a fee when you switch subjects). This period is when changing your subject doesn’t affect you much and actually is beneficial.

If you are studying for the second year of IGCSE, changing subjects will have a big impact on your learning plan. Dropping a full year of knowledge in one subject and starting from scratch with knowledge of another subject can place a sizable burden on your study plan.

Please consider carefully and discuss with your teacher or tutor to find the most useful and correct advice when you want to change a subject, the longer you leave it, the more it will affect you, your study plan, and your future IGCSE result.

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