Can IB take the resit exam?

31 January, 2021
Can IB take the resit exam? – Failure to pass the IB exam is not desirable, but sometimes you have to face it and you hope to have a chance to improve your score or just get the score required by the schools. However, first of all we need to know if you can IB take the resit exam?

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Can IB take the resit exam?

Yes, the IB offers a resit exam. This is a re-test so students can improve their scores or results to match their expectations. However, you should note:

  • In the IB resit exam, you can register from 1 to 6 subjects. However, enrolling in too many subjects will cause you to overwhelm and distract, but if you register too few subjects, it will not improve your overall score. So, depending on your goal of getting the minimum score or improving your score, you should choose from 1 to 2 subjects, or up to 3 subjects and choose the subject that you have the advantage to get the best results.
  • Candidates are allowed to register for the resit exam up to 3 times, not including the first time exam, each time taken 6 months apart. IB exam is held in May, June and October, November. You need to note the admission time of universities in Australia, America… to choose the right exam time and do not miss the admission period of schools.
  • You are not required to retake the IA internal assessment for the subject in which you are resit. However, if you are not satisfied with the previous internal assessment, you can take the resit test and improve your IA.

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Benefits of the resit exam

In addition to improving your score, resit testing has many benefits such as:

  • Eligible for graduate study.
  • Meet the foundation requirements for the field you choose.
  • Improve your job application and apprenticeship.
  • Increase the application value of your CV.
  • Expand the “door” in the future.

What if the resit test result is lower than the official test result?

Whether can IB take the resit exam has been answered, but what about having low results in the resit exam? Does this have a direct effect on the initial results? The answer is no, because when you take the resit test, you will have the results and certificates for each test. This means that the results of the resit exam will not affect your first exam results as they are two separate exams.

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Where can IB take the IB resit exam?

After deciding which subjects you want to take resit for, the next step is to know where to take resit. You can register for the IB resit exam at the school you attend. In case you do not hold the exam of your choice, you can ask for help from your IB co-ordinator to register with the nearest IB school.

The schools held the IB exam in HCMC:

  • International School Ho Chi Minh City

  • European International School Ho Chi Minh City

  • American International School

  • School of North American

  • Australian International School

  • British International School Ho Chi Minh City

  • Canadian International School

  • Renaissance International School Saigon

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