Can IGCSE take the resit exam?

2 November, 2020
Can IGCSE take the resit exam? – Didn’t you get the results you wanted from IGCSE exam? Do you want to improve your score? First of all, we need to know can IGCSE take the resit exam?

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Can IGCSE take the resit exam?

IGCSE offers a resit exam – also known as a retake exam. This is a re-test for students to improve their scores or results to suit their expectations. However, to be able to take the resit exam, students need to meet 3 needs as follows:

  • Candidates who register for the same course, regardless of the subject code immediately after the last exam.
  • The exam you register must have a separate deadline for the resit exam, only the November exam has a separate deadline for the resit exam.
  • Please notify the administration that your exam is a resit test by ticking the “retake” box.
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Benefits of resit exam

In addition to improving your score, resit testing has many benefits, such as:

  • Eligible for graduate study.
  • Meet background requirements for the field you choose.
  • Improve your job application and apprenticeship.
  • Increase the application value of your CV.
  • Expand the “door” in the future.

What if the resit test result is lower than the official test result?

IGCSE can take the resit exam, but what if the result is low in the resit exam? Does this affect the original results? The answer is no, because when you take the resit exam, you will have two results and a certificate for each test. This means that the new results will not affect the first results as they are two separate exams.

Where can IGCSE take the resit exam?

After deciding which subjects you want to take resit for, the next step is to know where to take resit. In Vietnam, you can take IGCSE resit exam at international schools that offer the IGCSE program as follows:

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School District City
Australian International School D2 HCMC
Singapore International School D7 HCMC
British International School D2 HCMC
British Vietnamese International School D1 HCMC
British Vietnamese International School Ba Dinh Hanoi
Horizon International Bilingual School Tay Ho Hanoi
British International School Hanoi Long Bien Hanoi


In addition, students also have the option to take the online resit exam. This can give you more flexibility as you are not tied to a set schedule. Therefore, the online resit exam can help you easily organize your study schedule around other things, even you can take advantage of the A-level learning in parallel with your resit.

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