Chemistry in English books

13 January, 2021
Chemistry in English books – To be able to study Chemistry in English well, we need to find suitable study materials, but where to find Chemistry in English books when the current book market is uncertain yet?

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Chemistry in English books

The real difference between the Chemistry books in English comes from the presentation and interpretation as well as the logic in knowledge distribution and applied exercises.

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In addition, the additional readings after the lesson also show the practicality of Chemistry in life, making students feel that what they have just learned really brings useful things, stimulates deeper learning and have a greater interest in learning.

However, in addition to finding the right textbooks, getting help from teachers is also very important because few students can learn by themselves based on knowledge gathered from books.

Teachers can prepare vocabulary, terminology, sentence patterns… so that designing lesson plans does not have many difficulties and is different from teaching Chemistry in Vietnamese.

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The lesson plan design also depends on the type of lesson such as new lessons, practice, review… At the same time, teachers need to develop communication skills for students, especially listening and speaking skills. At a minimum, the student will be able to read and translate English related to general education.

How to study Chemistry international programs?

It can be seen that compared to just buying a few books that teach Chemistry in English, then waiting for the teachers in the school to explain them thoroughly and giving available answers is not a way to learn. Students should study by themselves and practice the types of exercises according to the program they are studying a lot in order to “get used to their hands and eyes” with the exam structure.

If self-study is difficult, why don’t we seek help from friends or teachers? Small group study and tutoring are ways that can help us not be too stuck when “self-reliant” with a lot of knowledge specialized in Chemistry difficult when reading Chemistry in English books.

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