Chemistry in English exercises

3 March, 2021
Chemistry in English exercises – The development of education is a source of motivation for teachers to develop, improve their professional skills and teaching skills. So is it necessary to do Chemistry in English exercises?

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The importance of Chemistry

Nowadays, the trend for children to study international programs and study abroad is becoming more and more popular. Early access to advanced education not only helps them develop linguistic abilities but also comprehensively develops thinking and cognition. Moreover, investing in education is a kind of “super-profitable” investment. Recognizing the importance, parents have not hesitated to send their children to international schools, bilingual schools and science courses in English to supplement and enhance their knowledge.

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Chemistry is one of the important and relatively difficult sciences for many students. Due to the nature of the subject, students are required to use the ability to think logically, this is a haunting subject of many students, especially those in favor of the social sciences. However, English Chemistry is very necessary for students who want to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors, pharmacists, scientists… So, the quality of doing Chemistry in English exercises is extremely important.

How to effectively find training courses?

It is not easy to teach subjects in English. Therefore, it is essential to attend Chemistry training program. An effective course will help the teachers to become familiar with academic English, and then gradually increase their English in Chemistry and communicative English to help the teachers be confident on the podium.

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In addition, teaching methods and skills in doing Chemistry in English exercises will have certain differences compared to Vietnamese. Therefore, the sharing of experienced teachers in teaching will be extremely rewarding. One of the most important things is that the teachers have to grasp the curriculum and the central content of each lesson from theory to illustrative example and practical exercises. Only then, teaching Chemistry in English will be effective.

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