A-level Biology curriculum useful for home reference

12 October, 2020
A-level Biology curriculum useful for home reference

giasuib.com – The natural A-level subjects have never been called easy to students. So what is A-level Biology curriculum useful for home reference?

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A-level Biology

Biology is a subject that helps us to find out questions related to cells and molecules, the laws of their formation and especially the surrounding life. Therefore, A-level Biology not only helps students to answer those questions but also accumulates new knowledge related to the movement of the world.

Biology in the A-level program is divided into two levels – AS Level and A-level, which revolve around key topics such as cytology, chemical reaction processes, DNA and genetics, selection and natural filtration, living organisms and ecosystems, observations and experiments… Because of the variety of topics, students need to add other knowledge to improve, so what is A-level Biology curriculum useful for home reference?

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A-level Biology curriculum useful for home reference

  • Cambridge International AS and A-level Biology Coursebook: This is a book that integrates Biology knowledge of AS Level and A-level to help students “from zero to hero” with all information concretely interpreted.
  • Collins Cambridge AS & A-level – Cambridge International AS & A-level Biology Student’s Book: Not only contains information related to Biology, this book also contains many exercises to reinforce the knowledge learned.
  • New A-level Biology for 2018: OCR A Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition (CGP A-level Biology): This coursebook can improve your reading comprehension ability through a series of specialized concepts which is explained clearly by illustrative example.
  • AQA A-level Biology (Year 1 and Year 2): The book provides many tests for students to have practical skills, analyze and master knowledge right after learning.
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These are the A-level Biology reference books at home. Besides, many students still have difficulty in self-study. Finding an international tutoring center is also a way to help students improve the final result.

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