A-level Business curriculum useful for home reference

27 May, 2021
A-level Business curriculum useful for home reference

giasuib.com – Among the subjects of A-level program, A-level Business is the subject chosen by most students because of its practicality. To study well in this subject, besides the materials provided by the school, what is A-level Business curriculum useful for home reference?

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Is A-level Business difficult?

A-level Business enables students to understand and appreciate the nature and scope of business, and its role plays in society. The course encourages students to self-examine the dynamic and innovative business environment, thereby developing a critical understanding of business organizations. Students will learn about business and its environment, human resources management, marketing, operations management, finance, and accounting, and learn how to develop a business strategy.

A-level Business curriculum content may not be too difficult compared to other A-level subjects, but it requires students to have an understanding of concepts and ideas through lesson content and be able to connect them together. In addition, because A-level Business is an extended subject that needs flexibility in finding information, students need to find A-level Business curriculum useful for home reference to study and practice to be proficient in extended writing and interpreting data.

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A-level Business curriculum useful for home reference

  • AS and A-level Business – AQA Complete Revision & Practice (Online Edition): This is the perfect material to prepare for A-level Business exams scored by AQA exam board and it covers everything from 2 years. The book includes study notes of all theories, diagrams, and examples. Practice questions and exam questions will be included in every topic (with answers at the back) and the Math Skills and Exam Skills exams will be rounded off in the book deeply.
  • AS and A-level Business – Edexcel Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition: This book is suitable for students who choose Edexcel exam board and need to review important knowledge in an easy-to-understand way with clear and well-provided examples. Each topic will provide practice questions and exam questions (with answers at the back) so that students can check their knowledge while acquiring and can refer to how to solve problems by model answers.

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  • Essential Math Skills for AS/A Level Business (Essential Math Skills): Provides useful examples and guided questions relevant to business-related scenarios so that students can prepare for practice questions in Math section. If you struggle with calculating profit or working out unit costs, this book is your best choice. In addition, it helps students develop the Math skills in business, gives examples and questions appropriate for each business scenario, and measures your progress with guided and non-guided questions to see how you are improving in order to correct the shortcomings and errors in a timely manner.
  • Exam Success in Business for Cambridge AS & A-level: Revise effectively and concisely the key terms and points from school materials. This book helps you to understand exam expectations with examiners and limit common mistakes that A-level candidates often encounter. In addition, students can also be tested for understanding through exam-style practice questions and consolidate learning with revision checklists at the end of each unit.

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