A-level Psychology tutors

8 October, 2021
A-level Psychology tutors

giasuib.com – Psychology is a rather difficult subject for most high school students. Students who choose to study Psychology in the A-level program must really love and devote a lot of effort to keep up with the knowledge of this subject. We will discuss the importance of A-level Psychology tutors.

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Contents of A-level Psychology course

As mentioned above, Psychology is considered to be quite difficult for most students because of both specialized terms and subject knowledge. The A-level Psychology course will include the following main contents:

AS-level period:

  1. Research methods
  2. Biological psychology
  3. Cognitive psychology
  4. Psychology and learning
  5. Social psychology

At A-level, students choose 2 of 4 following options:

  1. Psychology and abnormality
  2. Psychology of consumer behaviour
  3. Psychology and health
  4. Psychology and organisations

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At AS Level candidates focus on 12 core studies. The core studies illustrate a wide range of research methods used in psychology, such as experiments, observations, self-reports and case studies. By exploring the relationship between the content of the study and the research methods, the candidate will gain a broad understanding of how psychologists study experiences and behaviours and why the research took place.

At the A-level, students will choose 2 of 4 more in-depth topics for further study on:

  1. Abnormality
    This specialist option considers the definitions, symptoms, causes and treatments of a variety of mental disorders.
  2. Consumer behaviour
    This specialist option reflects the society in which we live and looks at both seller and purchaser as well as the design of consumer environments.
  3. Health
    This specialist option focuses on health issues, including pain and stress.
  4. Organisations
    This specialist option considers the world of work, and how individuals and groups within an organisation function and influence each other and have an impact on the organisation itself.

Because the subject concept is quite abstract and in-depth, students often have problems in understanding and applying psychological concepts to complete different types of past papers from “Approaches, issues and debates” to “Research Methods” then “Theory” and finally “Application”.

Most students who choose to study A-level Psychology have to seek support from after school tutoring centers, because the time spent on this subject at school is quite limited, but when students learn on their own at home, it is quite alien to reading and understanding psychological concepts. A-level Psychology tutors will have their own experiences and ways to guide students to understand the concepts and how to apply them to both exercises and reality.

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Necessary factors of A-level Psychology tutors

Here are some skills and traits that make A-level Psychology tutors successful at any level:

  • Qualification: This is a certainty, because a Psychology tutor must not only graduate in the right major, but also be really sure of his professional knowledge and have a thorough understanding of how Cambridge assesses students based on the content of knowledge of Psychology from which have appropriate support direction.
  • Interpersonal: Understanding a student’s emotional and educational needs to determine the appropriate approach and suitable teaching methods for that student, this requires strong personal communication skills.
  • Dedication: Along with being well-prepared for each teaching session, a dedicated tutor will always be ready to repeat the lesson when students do not really.
  • Motivation: Because Psychology is a difficult subject with a lot of specialized terms and meanings that need to be understood and memorized, it is easy for students to get frustrated in the learning process, tutors need to have ability to keep students excited and engaged with the subject as the students initially chose.y understand and constantly search for suitable explanations.

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