Can A-level take the resit exam?

12 March, 2021
Can A-level take the resit exam? – Going through hard training but you are not getting the results you want in the A-level exam, you are wondering what to do next because you do not know can A-level take the resit exam?

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Can A-level take the resit exam?

Yes, A-level has a resit test – also known as a retake exam. This is a re-test so students can improve their scores to match their expectations. However, before signing up for the A-level resit exam, you should note:

  • A-level is a program that you can choose to study at school, study by yourself or with a tutor. While self-study can save you a lot of money, it does require discipline and the right resources.
  • A-level exam is held in May, June or October, November and you need to register 3 months in advance when the exam takes place.
  • A-level resit exam is an opportunity to show the college your determination, learning purpose and independence, especially when you get a high score on the resit test.
  • The most recent A-level exam will be transferred to universities and colleges, there will be no selection of the highest score.

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Where can take A-level resit exam?

You can register for the exam at schools that offer training and A-level exams such as:

  • British Vietnamese International School Ho Chi Minh City (BVIS)
  • ABC International School (ABC)
  • Singapore International School (SIS)

Or for freelance candidates, you can register for the exam with the British Council.

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In addition, to get the best score for the A-level resit exam and increase your chances of competition when applying to the “top” schools of the UK, Singapore…, you can register to study with tutors at reputable centers. It is also a good opportunity for you to learn more from the experience and knowledge of those who have passed the A-level exam.

So you know can A-level take the resit exam. Hope the above information can help you in your future education path.

For more: A-level program exam preparation – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IBAPA-levelIGCSEGED… If you have any questions, please contact directly by email or hotline for free advice.

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