How to calculate A-level percentage score?

20 December, 2021
Cách tính điểm phần trăm A-level – Upon searching about A-level program, besides the list of subjects, materials and effective test-taking methods, parents and students also have high interest in the grading scale. In addition to the familiar A-E score, A-level program also has the percentage score. So how to calculate A-level percentage score and what is its meaning?

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A-level grade score

A-level program usually lasts for 2 years and is divided into 2 levels. In the first year of AS Level (equivalent to grade 11), students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects. Then in the second year of A2 Level (equivalent to grade 12), they will keep on studying 3 of the above subjects that are related to their study field.

The final score will be aggregated based on:the final exam score, essay composition scores and additional points from extracurricular activities. The scale of A-level ranges from A* to E (AS year only ranges from A to E). In addition, the student’s statement of result also have percentage score. So how to calculate A-level percentage score and does it affect the final score?

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How to calculate A-level percentage score?

A-level percentage scores will be provided in addition to the regular letter grades. It is important to note that the percentage score is not the actual grade out of 100%, but a scale that ranks students at the top, middle, or bottom of that letter score.

For example, for an A* grade, a student would need to have a percentage score of at least 90. Whereas a student with a 55 percentile, scale would be ranked in the middle of students with the same D score. If the percentage score is 79 then you are one of the top performers that has a B score.

This percentage is not the same as the students’ actual score as it not only depends on the student’s performance, but also on the results of others and the position of the grade thresholds.

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A-level percentage scale is not applicable to students with a U (ungraded) score. Here is the detailed table for the A-level percentage scale:

Grade Converted percentage score
A* 90-100
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
D 50-59
E 40-49


In the case of first year students (AS Level), where the highest grade is A instead of A*, the percentage score of A grade will be 80 – 100%. The meaning of percentage score scale and key messages for A-level students:


  • A percentage score shows your rank in that grade (whether you are in the middle, or among the highest or lowest in that grade).
  • This percentage score has no effect on the actual letter grade, but will give you more information in comparison to other students with the same score.
  • It will appear on your statement of results but not on your certificate.


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