How to choose the appropriate A-level subjects?

14 May, 2021
How to choose the appropriate A-level subjects? – A-level program has a variety of highly career-oriented subjects, so you need to have the right choice from the beginning because the subjects you study are related to future career. The following article shares how to choose the appropriate A-level subjects.

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What are the benefits of A-level?

  • Universities around the world including all universities in the UK and many universities in the US accept A-level as entry requirement. Many universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford often give highly assessment for candidates with the best A-level scores.
  • With A-level program, you will be equipped with extensive knowledge in the subjects you choose. This is the foundation to help you prepare well for the transition to university and career choices in the future.
  • Learning opportunities with people with experience at top universities, A-level develops independent thinking, cognitive skills, and advanced research.
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How to choose the appropriate A-level subjects?

The choice of subjects in A-level program will be related to subjects you will choose to study at the university as well as the universities that you plan to apply for. Universities will usually require specific subjects for some majors. Therefore, to ensure that you choose the right subject with your goals in the future, you need to know how to choose the appropriate A-level subjects.

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Here are some ways that you can refer to:

  • If you already know the major you want to choose at the university and the country you will study, check the information and entry requirements of each subject that you concern about through the website of schools. Then, choose and prepare the subjects required by the school.
  • For those who have not yet determined what career they will pursue, they need to thoroughly understand the content of each subject and ask themselves questions such as: Why should this subject? What will you learn by choosing this subject? Who is this subject suitable for? What careers can this course apply to? For example, careers related to Art and Design subjects such as Fine Arts, Fashion and Textile, Architecture, Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design, Interior Design, 3D Design, Animation, Media Studies, Movie Advertising…
  • In addition, ways to choose suitable A-level subjects are based on your own interests and strengths. This way you can develop your abilities by investing in subjects you good at and love, which is very beneficial for your studies at university as well as your future career. For example, choosing subjects with the same tendency (Math, Chemistry, Biology) will suit those who have strengths and orientations in subjects related to Natural Science.
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