How to quickly improve A-level score?

14 October, 2020
How to quickly improve A-level score – Looking to optimize your time to prepare for the upcoming A-level exam? Are you looking for ways to know how to quickly improve A-level score? In the following article, we have gathered the best revision tips for the A-level exam from the students with the highest scores.

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What is A-level program?

A-level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) was first appeared in 1951 in the UK, is a general education certificate for students 16 years old and above and is internationally recognized as the “golden ticket” to take you to the UK.

A-level is completed in two years and is divided into two parts, one year each:

  • The first year is called AS Level (or A1-level).
  • The second year is called A-level (or A2-level).

The 2-year program with a total of more than 70 subjects for students to choose from depending on their abilities, interests and future orientation:

  • AS Level year: Students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects.
  • A-level year: Students will choose 3 subjects related to university majors in 4-6 subjects from the AS Level year.
  • Students must take at least 3 subjects in order to receive an A-level certificate.

Students can take the AS Level exam and transfer to other pre-university programs such as Foundation, Fast-Track A-level… and do not have to study A2-level.

After learning about the A-level program, we will come to the key of this article that is how to quickly improve A-level score.

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How to quickly improve A-level score?

  • Create a schedule for yourself

If you feel you are not getting a lot done in a class, using a review schedule will help you prioritize tasks and get them done one by one. Personal study planning can help you organize what you need to learn and boost your motivation to review for exams.

  • Interact with classmates

For the student’s age, they are often more afraid to ask teachers than they do well in class. Therefore, please interact with other friends to help you understand more deeply or have more accurate solution to a problem.

  • Exercise regularly

If you’re stressed out thinking about your upcoming exam, staying healthy and exercising will help balance your mind. Taking breaks has been shown to boost brain activity and improve test performance in the long run.

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  • Practice past papers

The ultimate learning strategy is to practice as many past papers as possible. This gives the truest answer about your level, giving you the opportunity to check the real exam-like conditions to ensure that you are fully ready for the official test.

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