Is it possible to register for the A-level exam?

23 July, 2020
Is it possible to register for the A-level exam
giasuib – Is it possible to register for the A-level exam freely? is a question that many students and parents have been searching for an answer recently, due to the fact that A-level programme is valued as a “golden ticket” to prestigious universities in English.
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What is A-level?

A-level programme is a 2-year course consisting of 2 exams: AS Level when finishing year 12 and A2 level when finishing year 13. Cambridge A-level certificate is accredited internationally and is seen as a “fast pass” for students wishing to study at universities around the world include England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Netherlands.

Having been popularized in over 50 nation worldwide, A-level focuses on in-depth specialized knowledge, helping students get used to the academic environment at bachelor level. Even though the benefits of possessing an A-level certificate are no doubt great, many people still question Is it possible to register for the a-level exam?

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Is it possible to register for the a-level exam?

The answer is yes. A-level programme allows students to register at The British Council., That’s the reason why A-level is the most chosen educational programme for students who wish to study in the UK or other countries in Europe and Australia but don’t want to go to an international school. Thanks to that, teaching A-level has become widespread across many education institutes specializing in after-school support for international students. 

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For A-level students studying at international schools, you will go through 2 examinations: AS level at the end of the first year and get AS level certificate. After that, students will continue to A2 and get A-level certificate at the end of the second year. On the other hand, registered students will have to take AS and A2 examination at the same time.

There are 2 A-level examinations being held annually by the British Council on May-June and October-November. Students will have to contact directly or call the British Council at least 2 months before the exam for instructions on how to register and ask whether or not this year the subject they want to take is held. As an alternative you can access the official website of the British Council for instructions on how to register for the A-level exams.

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