Learn home schooling A-level with tutors

1 June, 2020
Học A-level home schooling với gia sư
giasuib.com – Homeschooling is not too popular in Vietnam due to concerns about students having less communication or relying on school stress. However, this form is suitable for students who want to study international programs that can register for freelance candidate, learn home schooling A-level with tutors is an option.
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A-level is a two-year course for students equivalent to grade 11 and 12 in Vietnam. In the first year, students will study the first half of A-level program called AS Level and take the exam to get AS Level certificate. In the second year, students will continue to study the rest and must also take the exam to get A2 Level certificate (also known as A-level).

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As a certificate recognized by almost all universities in UK and the top schools in the world, it can be said that A-level is the stepping stone for the future. So, why learn home schooling A-level with tutors is appropriate?

Because A-level emphasizes in-depth knowledge, requires students to have deep understanding, strong inference and critical thinking, so with home schooling and tutoring, students have more time to research the combination of wisdom and have the solid professional knowledge.

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In addition, instead of supporting multiple students at the same time, this form will closely follow students due to only caring and guiding a single person, so it will focus on maximizing the strengths and overcome the weaknesses to help you improve quickly access to the advanced knowledge.

Moreover, due to studying at home, students do not need to spend time moving, have time to review English, especially specialized terms to help you easily access the curriculum as well as the practice and problems by topics, thereby gaining absolute scores in the exam, improving the chances of being granted scholarships by the world’s leading universities.

For those who are intending to study in UK, do not ignore to learn home schooling A-level with tutors.

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