The benefits of A-level certificate

25 July, 2020
The benefits of A-level certificate
Giasuib – As many international education programs are introduced in Vietnam, the popularization of A-level rises exponentially. However, most students only follow A-level program to pursue their dream of studying in the UK, without knowing the benefits of A-level certificate can bring.
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What is A-level?

A-level is an 2-year international program dedicated to international high school students, which was designed to meet the entry requirements into the Bachelor program at universities in the United Kingdom. A-level program focuses on providing knowledge equivalent to grades 11 and 12 in Vietnam with a portion of first-year and second-year university knowledge … To finish the program, students will follow AS level program in the first year and A2 level in the second year. The A-level score is the combined result of 2 years of study.

Furthermore, one of the benefits of A-level certificate is that A-level is an entry ticket for prestigious universities all over the world. Students are able to choose subjects according to their career orientation and abilities. When you are in A2-level, choosing of the right three core subjects, which are suitable with your majors, makes it easier for students to keep up with the program and study further at university.

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The benefits of A-level certificate

  • A-level helps students save time, shorten the learning process

Unlike Vietnam’s education system, A-level is a pre-university program so the knowledge consists of both grades 11-12 and the knowledge at 2 years of bachelor’s degree, so this program is not compatible with the content of grades 11 and 12 in Vietnam.

A-level course will help you follow the education system of Vietnam, that is, after finishing grade 10 and continuing to 2 years of A Level, you can apply to universities in the UK. If you only finished 12th grade in Vietnam and want to apply for university in the UK, you will have to study 1 more year of pre-university, which means you have to take another year of study. 

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  • A-level helps students improve their personal skills

When studying the A-level program, students will be exposed to a learning environment entirely in English, familiarize themselves with teamwork, and practice independent thinking. This will result in students will become independent, mature, analytic, sensible … plus, your academic English ability will also increase significantly.

  • A-level will help students identify their own career

A-level students do not have to study 11-13 subjects during the school year like in Vietnam, but focus on 3-4 subjects in accordance with their future career orientation. So A Level is the perfect environment for you to shape, decide and get acquainted with the major subjects of each person.

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