The most used A-level book collection

22 November, 2020
The most used A-level book collection – Are you struggling to find review materials for A-level exam or are wondering about the books with the most useful content? We will share with you the most used A-level book collection so that you can save time in finding and choosing the right book.

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The most used A-level book collection

In A-level program, depending on your abilities, interests and orientation, you will choose the subject that best suits you. Some popular subjects such as: Math, English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science … Here are some of the most used books from publishers:



CGP Books
  • You will find simple research notes that explain all the theories, along with many useful diagrams and examples.
  • Warm-up questions and sample exam questions for all topics. In addition, this book offers helpful words on how to do well on your A-level.
Cambridge International
  • Each chapter starts with an actual example and the concept is explained in detail through paragraphs and illustrations.
  • In addition, this booklet provides details about the practical skills you will need to develop throughout your course.
  • Text cross-text questions give you a chance to check if you understand the topic you just read.
  • Practice booklet covering all topics about Pure, Statistics and Mechanics.
  • Designed for flexible use, the practice books provide complete flowchart and textbook assignments so you can use them continuously inside and outside the classroom.
Hodder Education This book will help you:

  • Demonstrating awareness of current issues in Economics through completely new case studies, and at the same time helping to build skills in analysis, evaluation and quantification.
  • Use the language of economics to effectively explain important concepts and problems, with key terms identified in the entire text and glossary for both microeconomics and economics macro.
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Where can we study and take the A-level exam?

International schools like BVIS or SIS often teach A-level according to the CIE system, but with A-level international students studying abroad, you should check which system that you need to follow like OCR, AQA or Edexcel… So you need to find out to have an appropriate study plan.

  • For candidates who are international students: Most international schools hold A-level exams for students of the school.
  • For freelance candidates: Register for exams at the British Council in 2 times a year: May-June and October-November.
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In addition, to get the best score for the A-level exam and increase your chances of competition when applying to the “top” schools of the UK, Singapore…, you can register to study more at reputable centers. It is also a good opportunity for you to learn more from the experience and knowledge of those who have passed the A-level exam.

So you already know the most used A-level book collection. Hope the above information can help you in your future education path.

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