Things to know about A-level score

7 May, 2021
Things to know about A-level score – A-level program is mostly familiar to students wishing to be admitted to international universities and colleges. One of the prerequisites to help you achieve your dream of international study abroad is your score. So, what are things to know about A-level score that students should be aware of?

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The graduated condition of A-level program

A-level program usually lasts for 2 years and is divided into 2 levels. With the first year of AS (equivalent to grade 11), students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects related to the study field chosen to attend the university entrance exam and take A-level certificate.

It can be seen that the number of subjects per year of A-level program is less than 10 subjects, completely different from the Vietnamese program because the number of subjects can be up to 11 or 12.

After finishing the program, students will take the final exam to get a final total score. The final score will be aggregated based on:

  • Final exam score.
  • Essay composition score.
  • Plus points when participating in extracurricular activities.

So what are things to know about A-level score that students should aware of?

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Things to know about A-level score

The scale of A-level ranges from A* to E, where the year AS will only range from A to E. Most of the top universities will accept candidates with scores A and B. So if you want to study at prestigious universities in the UK, you must try to achieve a minimum score of B. In addition, a high A-level score will help students accumulate and exempt credit for college freshmen.

A-level exam is organized and scored by a reputable test board and authenticated through government accreditation so rest assured that your A-level diploma is highly valuable and widely recognized in the UK and all over the world. A-level judging committee will use a Uniform Marking Scheme – UMS to ensure a fair score unless there is a difference in difficulty between years. For example, if the A-level ranges from A* to E, A* will be awarded to candidates with 80% A mark or more on the UMS scale or at least 90% A for AS Level subjects (because AS Level does not have A*).

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A-level will be the ideal choice for high school students who have a clear understanding of the subjects they want to pursue in the future or at least wish to deepen a specific subject and plan to study at prestigious international universities.

However, A-level will be an effective test for those who have not yet determined their own career path before deciding on the career they pursue in the future. Therefore, if possible, after completing grade 10 in Vietnam, you should study A-level program right away, it only takes 2 years to prepare for university entrance exams. If you have finished grade 12 Vietnamese program and want to take an entrance exam to universities in the UK, you must study for an additional year under the university preparatory program.

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