Useful A-level Physics textbooks for studying at home

15 November, 2021
giáo trình A-level Physics hữu ích tham khảo tại nhà. – A-level Physics is one of the Science subjects that many students choose. To help aid students in their path to conquer A-levle Physics, GiasuIB has compiled a list of useful A-level Physics textbooks for studying at home.

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Useful A-level Physics textbooks for studying at home

A-level Physics textbooks are very diverse and plentiful on the market, but not all textbooks are suitable for the individual needs of students. We at GiasuIB will help you synthesize useful A-level Physics textbooks for studying at home.

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Price: £46.99

Advanced Physics for You is designed to help and support you during your Advanced Physics course. No matter which exam board you are following, this book will help you with your understanding of A-level Physics.

    • The book is carefully laid out, so that each new idea is introduced and developed on a single page or on two facing pages.
    • Words have been kept to a minimum and as straightforward as possible.
    • More difficult ideas are covered on pages with a red triangle in the top corner. Each important fact or new formula is clearly printed in heavy type or in a coloured box.
    • There is a summary of the important facts at the end of each chapter, to help you with revision.
    • Worked examples are used throughout the book, in fact there are more than 200, which help you to see how to tackle different kinds of problems in physics.
    • At the end of each chapter there are a number of questions for you to practice your physics and so gain confidence.
  1. Advanced Physics (Adams & Allday)

Price: £50.99

Advanced Physics (Adams & Allday) is a very well written textbook, with comprehensive coverage of all the core content you need to know. This book helps support the exam board recommended textbooks with useful extra info.

This textbook is certainly not a ‘quick’ guide to physics, but it truly shines if you want to learn and fully understand physics at A-level. Used by both keen students and by teachers to extend subject knowledge.

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Price: £28.99

Expand and challenge your students’ knowledge and understanding of Physics with textbooks that build mathematical skills and provide practical assessment guidance.

    • Offers support for the mathematical requirements of the course with worked examples of calculations and a dedicated ‘Maths in Physics’ chapter
    • Measures progress and assess learning throughout the course with Test Yourself and Stretch and Challenge Questions to extend the most able pupils beyond A-level
    • Supports all 12 required practicals with applications, worked examples and activities included in each chapter
    • Develops understanding and enables self- and peer-assessment with free online access to ‘Test yourself’ answers.
  1. A-Level Physics: Edexcel Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition

Price: £15.76

This clear, concise Complete Revision & Practice book from CGP is a perfect way to prepare for the Edexcel A-Level Physics exams.

  • It covers every topic from both years of the course.
  • It’s packed with straightforward explanations, helpful examples and full-colour diagrams throughout.
  • Practice questions and exam-style questions (with answers) are included for every topic, and the book is rounded off with a section of in-depth advice on Practical Skills.
  • And finally, a free Online Edition of the whole book is included – just use the code printed inside the book to access online materials.
  • A-Level Physics for AQA: Year 1 & 2 Student Book with Online Edition

Price: £29.47

This unbeatable CGP Student Book covers all of the core content for both years of AQA A-Level Physics – plus the optional topics 9-12.

    • It’s brimming with in-depth, accessible notes, clear diagrams, photographs, tips and worked examples.
    • Throughout the book there are lots of practice questions and end of section summaries with exam-style questions (answers at the back).
    • There’s detailed guidance on Maths Skills and Practical Skills, as well as indispensable advice for success in the final exams.
    • We’ve even thrown in a free Online Edition of the whole book – just use the code printed inside the book to access it on your PC, Mac or tablet.

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