What is a good grade for A-level?

21 August, 2021
What is a good grade for A-level?

giasuib.com – The A-level program is accepted as equivalent to the IB program and offers many advantages for students’ academic and future career paths, but what is a good grade for A-level should students achieve?

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Why are A-levels important?

The A-level program (Advanced Level) lasts 2 years for students from 17 to 18 equivalent to the 11th and 12th grade in Vietnam and you can go to study abroad as soon as you complete 12th grade instead of having to wait until you graduate Vietnam baccalaureate to enroll in a pre-university program and then study university in developed countries. Although there are now many international programs, A-levels are still preferred by many students because A-levels are suitable for students who choose to study abroad in the UK. With A-level certificates, students do not need to take Foundation courses but can directly study at universities and colleges.

Knowledge of the A-level program will be more in-depth than the IB program and closely followed as the content of the university program. Therefore, taking an A-level course is the most perfect knowledge for you to conquer university majors later, especially for specific fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, etc. 

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A-level is also the preferred entrance examination certificate of many leading prestigious universities in the world and is the best path for students with excellent academic achievements who want to study at Oxford, Cambridge, or other Russell Group institutions. In addition to providing an advantage for admission to Universities and Colleges, A-levels also help you be appealing to employers around the world and contribute to creating favorable conditions for future jobs. With the huge advantages that A-level certificates bring, you should know what is a good grade for A-level to have the most appropriate and effective learning path.

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What is a good grade for A-level?

The A-level scale ranges from A* to E, where the AS year ranges from A to E. With high A-level scores (A*, A, B), students can get a lot of benefits such as:

  • High rate of admission to most of the top universities.
  • Credits can be accrued and waived for the freshman year of college.
  • High academic performance combined with relevant qualifications will help you stand out in the eyes of employers compared to other candidates. This is a great way to demonstrate your ability to meet international standards for outstanding work.

The advantage will diminish when you get C, D, E. For students who get C or D, you can study at less competitive Universities and Colleges but it takes a lot of effort in the learning process to grasp the content of knowledge of their chosen major in the university or college program. And the chance of passing the application round is also quite difficult than candidates with impressive scores. An E is a negative for A-levels and hardly gives the student an advantage.

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Through the sharing of what is a good grade for A-level, you must have the answer for yourself. So, depending on your study path and future career success, you should try now to achieve the best possible academic results. Only then can your career path be the most positive and successful.

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