What makes A-level Chemistry difficult?

24 September, 2021
What makes A-level Chemistry difficult?

giasuib.com -You are upcoming to enter the A-level program and are wondering whether to choose Chemistry or not?, giasuib has summarized for you the experience “What makes A-level Chemistry difficult?” to help you make your choice easily. 

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What does A-level Chemistry include?

Knowledge of the A-level Chemistry program in AS and A-levels includes:

Unit 1 – Atoms, bonds and groups

Unit 2 – Chain, energy and resources

Unit 3 – Practical skills in chemistry 1

Unit 4 – Rings, polymers and analysis

Unit 5 – Equilibria, energetics and elements

Unit 6 – Practical skills in chemistry 2

A-level Chemistry includes Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. A-level Chemistry is considered a rather difficult subject because of its diverse knowledge and interconnected topics. It means you have to learn and master the previous topics to have enough knowledge to learn the rest of the topics in the program. So what makes A-level Chemistry difficult?

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 What makes A-level Chemistry difficult?

A-level is quite difficult because the subject requires a strong specialized vocabulary. Chemistry is different from Math, which has a relatively small vocabulary and mostly only works with numbers, A-level Chemistry requires students to master academic vocabulary to solve questions, equations, and even write problems. entirely in English.

All theories and explanations are based on the knowledge of the previous chapters, so students need to master them to easily access and absorb the rest of the program. Therefore, the number of knowledge students need to absorb is very heavy and stressful, tell yourself that just study carefully and focus on difficult knowledge, later you will learn gently and comfortably.

So, you already know about what makes A-level Chemistry difficult, students just have determination, passion for this subject and focus on practicing and reviewing every day, which you will easily conquer to get A-level Chemistry with a high score.

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How to do well in A-level Chemistry?

  • Master the basic and most important knowledge: Basic knowledge will be an effective tool to help you “conquer” advanced knowledge, shortening the time to acquire new knowledge.
  • Learn official information: in order to study well in a subject, you need to be eager to learn and constantly seek out knowledge beyond books. This not only creates effective learning excitement but also helps students to apply the theories from the books they have learned.
  • Practice equation solving skills: Equations are always a nightmare for students but don’t skip the exercises because of that, you need to master the knowledge then complete the exercises, and regularly review old knowledge
  • With help from A-level teaching centers: Self-study is a learning method that brings many benefits, but this is not necessarily the right method for many of you. Finding a support center to receive teaching and experience from teachers is something you should consider if you want to make studying A-level Chemistry easier and more effective.
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