What subjects does A-level programme cover?

18 June, 2020
What subjects does A-level programme cover
GiasuIB – A-level is a world-wide accredited certificate wanted by many students in Vietnam as a ticket to study abroad at the age of 17. Though everybody knows that A-level has a vast and diverse amount of subjects, not many people know what subjects does A-level programme cover?
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What is A-level?

A-level or more specific GCEA level is an abbreviation of General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. This certificate is granted by schools in England, Wales, Northern Ireland for  students from the age of 16 – 19 before college. Being value as a “golden standard”, A-level certificate is used as a way to find and select potential candidates.

When following A-level programme, students will get used to a new academic environment completely in English, at the same time, developing useful working skills like analytics, creativity, problem solving, teamwork… In addition to that changing subjects in A Level program is relatively simple compared to changing majors when going to college.

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What subjects does A-level programme cover?

A-level usually lasts for 2 years and divides into 2 levels. The first year is called AS, students can choose from 4  to 6 subjects to learn and end with an exam to get AS-level certificate. Going into the second year, called A2, students will pick 3 subjects from the total subjects in the first year to continue learning and end A-level programme with an examination revolving those 3 subjects. However, you can study more than 3 subjects if you desire. Below is a list of popular subjects in A-level programme:

Subject Subject Code
Mathematics 9709
Mathematics – Further 9231
Accounting 9706
Chemistry 9701
Biology 9700
Physics 9702
Computer Science 9608 / 9618 (from 2021)
Art and Design 9479
Psychology 9990
Sociology 9699
Design and Technology 9705
Design and Textiles 9631
Digital Media and Design 9481
Media Studies 9607
Economics 9708
Business 9609
Geography 9696
English – Language 9093
English – Language and Literature (AS level) 8695
English – Literature 9695
German – Language (AS level) 8683
German (A level) 9717
Japanese Language (AS level) 8281
Spanish – First Language 8665 
Spanish – Language 8685
History 9489
Travel and Tourism 9395
Environmental Management (AS level) 8291


The list above consists only 1/3 of the total available subject in A-level programme. Seeing the large number of subjects like that, students may be confused. However, there is an effective solution to choosing a suitable A-level subject that is you need to choose the subject that you like and are good at. More specifically, you should pick 2 subjects from the list, your favorite and your most well-versed. After that, choosing a supplementary subjects for your future college major. Hoping you could answer the question What subjects does A-level programme cover?

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