Why A-level Biology often makes it difficult for students?

19 May, 2021
Why A-level Biology often makes it difficult for students?

giasuib.com – A-level Biology is one of the subjects that combines theory and practice to provide students a deep understanding of the living world. Therefore, this is a subject that can cause many difficulties, including students who are good at science subjects. So, why A-level Biology often makes it difficult for students?

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What is A-level Biology for?

Students who fascinate with animals, plants, and humans, environment, conservation, biotechnology, and complex living systems, this subject is appropriate for you. Once enrolling A-level Biology, students need to blend theoretical and practical understanding with analytical skills, through a deep foundation of the living world and its interaction with other biologic systems will be developed.

However, it can be said that A-level Biology is not an easy subject because of the huge amount of knowledge that students have to acquire. So, why A-level Biology often makes it difficult for students?

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Why A-level Biology often makes it difficult for students?

The condition to help you learn well A-level is specializing in strong academic vocabulary. Unlike Math, which has quite a little vocabulary and we mostly work with numbers, A-level Biology requires students to master academic concepts and vocabulary in order to solve questions and write essays entirely in English.

Also, at both AS Level and A-level, the most important chapters of A-level Biology are Cell Structure (chapter 1) and Biochemistry (chapter 2, 3, 4, 6). These chapters cover the foundations, vocabulary, terminology, and even the most basic knowledge to be used throughout the program. All theories and explanations in the most complex later chapters are based on the knowledge of the first chapters. Students mastering the above chapters will easily access and absorb the rest of the program. Therefore, when learning the above chapters, maybe the number of knowledge need to acquire can be extremely heavy and stressful, remind yourself to study carefully and focus on difficulties, you will learn much relief and more comfortably in the future.

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To prevent A-level Biology from causing much trouble for you, try the following effective A-level Biology learning methods:

  • Mastering the basic and most important knowledge: Basic knowledge will be a powerful tool to help you conquer advanced knowledge.
  • Find out more information: With all subjects not only about A-level Biology, students need to be eager to learn more, not from books. This not only creates interest in learning effectively but also helps students apply in parallel with the theories from the theories learned.
  • Improve solving exercise skills: Exercises are always a nightmare for A-level Biology students but do not complete them without care or skip doing them regularly. During the homework, you will be reviewing Biology vocabulary and exposed to regular exercises.
  • Find a good academy of learning A-level program: Self-study is a beneficial learning method, but this is not necessarily the right method for many students. Finding a prestigious tutoring center to receive teaching and experience from teachers is something you should consider if you want to learn A-level Biology to become easier and more effective.
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