Why do students find A-level Physics difficult?

10 September, 2021
Why do students find A-level Physics difficult?

giasuib.com – The A-level Physics program has high academic knowledge to classify and evaluate students who have more chances to enter prestigious universities. Students should answer the question: Why do students find A-level Physics difficult? to overcome difficulties in this subject.

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Who is A-level Physics suitable for?

A-level Physics gives students the opportunity to explore the phenomena of the universe and to rely on theory to be able to explain what they observe. This subject closely combines practical skills with theory to form a broad understanding of the physical universe. The subject focuses on the study of matter and its motion in space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. This is considered one of the oldest, highly interactive, and applicable sciences in human life.

Therefore, students with career orientations such as aeronautical engineers, nuclear engineers, physics teachers, etc. can all choose A-level Physics to study intensively. However, it can be said that A-level Physics is not a simple subject because of the huge amount of knowledge equivalent to the first year of university that students have to absorb. Besides that, why do students find A-level Physics difficult?

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Why do students find A-level Physics difficult?

In the first year of the AS Level program, A-level Physics will focus knowledge on measurement, motion, dynamics, force, pressure, work, etc. Students will not have too many difficulties in learning because the program will only cover general knowledge. However, when entering the second year of A-level, A-level Physics will include more difficult and specialized knowledge such as circular motion, gravity fields, ultrasound, thermal sensors, etc.

In addition to the huge amount of knowledge from the A-level Physics program, students also face many other difficulties such as:

  • Academic English is not strong enough, leading to interrupted knowledge acquisition or misunderstanding the meaning of the problem, students are easily bored or have many difficulties to keep up with lectures in school, knowledge gaps therefore which are getting bigger.
  • One of the important problems that students face in the process of learning A-Level Physics is the difficulty in choosing the right textbook. Usually, the material provided in the manual is not easy to read because the book contains so much information. Furthermore, it is quite difficult to understand the diagrams or charts provided in the textbook.
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  • The traditional method of learning will backfire when you study this subject. A-level Physics requires students’ understanding of concepts rather than passive memorization. If you can understand the basic concepts, the learning process will become many times easier. There is no other way but to practice a lot to be able to memorize physics concepts and do well in exams.
  • Teachers at school cannot cover all the knowledge they need to know, mainly students have to practice more at home, work hard on homework, and research more real-life problems. However, the problem of self-study is sometimes difficult for students because it is not easy to find suitable online resources for the problems in the A-level Physics program because this subject material is pretty generic and it is almost impossible to find videos or articles online that explain each issue you are wondering about in detail.

It can be seen that A-level Physics often causes difficulties for students, most of which stem from the reasons mentioned above. So, after learning about the factors affecting the learning process of A-level Physics, students were able to find suitable solutions to improve their learning situation. Giasuib.com suggests a few workarounds as follows:

  • Students should review the terms, formulas, diagrams many times to remember, make a summary of the content to be reviewed and divide the exam preparation time appropriately.
  • The review process should be conducted from within the year, and should not let the grass grow under your feet with the periodic exams of the international program.
  • If you are not confident in self-study, the best way is to ask for the professional help from teachers at school or international tutoring centers to enhance A-level Physics, this will relieve some pressure, you can also spend your time on other subjects.
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