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21 May, 2020

giasuib.com – International Baccalaureate (IB) is taught at many international schools in countries from Europe to Asia. IB exam preparation is of great interest to international students.

Levels of the IB program

  • IB PYP – Primary Years Program.
  • IB MYP – Middle Years Program.
  • IB DP – Diploma Program.

When referring to the IB program, most parents and students are referring to IB DP, because the popularity of this level of education is much better than the other two levels. Therefore, when it comes to “IB program”, the article is talking about IB DP level.

Subjects in the IB program

The 2-year program is comprehensively designed with 6 subject groups:

  1. First language
  2. Second language
  3. Personal and social
  4. Natural sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. Arts


  • Each student will choose 1 subject in each subject group right from the first year of the program and must not change during the learning process (6th subject group can choose to replace by any one of the remaining 5 groups).
  • Each subject is divided into 2 levels: Standard Level – SL and Higher Level – HL.
  • Students must select at least 3 subjects (or up to 4 subjects) in HL level.
  • In addition, students also need to complete 3 core requirements:


  1. Extended Essay (EE).
  2. Theory of Knowledge (TOK).
  3. Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

IB scale

  • Maximum score for each subject is 7.
  • Students may receive an additional 3 points from the results of EE and TOK.
  • Therefore, the absolute score of the IB program is 45.

Conditions for receiving IB diploma

  • Achieve at least 24 points for a total of 6 subjects.
  • Complete 3 core requirements: EE, TOK, CAS.
  • Complete an Internal Assessment (IA).

IB program resit examination

  • If in the official IB exam in May every year, candidates do not have enough 24 points for 6 subjects, they still have one more chance in November of the same year.
  • Students can choose from 1 to 2 subjects of their strength in 6 subjects tested to resit. If the score of the resit exam plus the remaining subjects scores from the full 24 points, students will receive the 2nd International Baccalaureate in the same year.

IB program entry conditions

The IB DP program does not require students to complete lower grades of PYP and MYP, as long as they meet some of the following entry requirements:

  • Completed 10th grade knowledge.
  • Good academic English level.
  • The ability to attend a challenging program.
  • Test of knowledge input in English.

International schools teach the IB program

Full IB (teaching at all 3 levels)

  • ISHCMC (Ho Chi Minh International School).
  • EIS (European International School).
  • AIS (American International School).
  • SNA (North American International School).

IB Diploma Program

  • BIS (British International School)
  • AIS (Australian International School)
  • CIS (Canadian International School)
  • SSIS (Saigon South International School)…

IB exam preparation

In order to gain a large amount of knowledge at the first year of university asymptotic level such as IB program, students have to complete 3 core requirements along with internal assessment, which is not easy to do at all. Students studying the IB program need an IB exam preparation process from the beginning to be able to complete and receive the prestigious baccalaureate.


  • Set goals for each subject.
  • Plan study from overview to detail for each subject.
  • Refer to IB books from different publishers.
  • Exchange lessons with friends.
  • Ask teachers in charge of a subject when problems arise.


  • Self-research, reading, referencing from friends, teachers will help students remember knowledge for a long time.


  • With the same amount of time and the same number of IB subjects, friends cannot spend too much time helping them.
  • With 240 hours for HL level and 150 hours for SL level, practically no teacher can impart all the program knowledge.

IB exam preparation with tutors


  • Strengthen solid foundation knowledge.
  • Can answer all questions about IB knowledge and exercises.
  • Instructed on solving advanced exercises to get the maximum score.
  • Assist students in the Internal Assessment.


  • High cost due to difficult program characteristics.

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