IGCSE exam preparation

23 May, 2020
IGCSE exam preparation
giasuib.com – International Secondary Education Certificate – IGCSE is taught to students in grade 9-10 at most international high schools. IGCSE exam preparation is a step to transfer to higher preparatory programs.
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Levels in the IGCSE program

Each subject in the IGCSE program has 2 levels for students to choose:

  • Core.
  • Extended.
  • Particularly in Math, there are Additional and International levels for students oriented to major subjects related to Math.

About the IGCSE program

The program lasts 2 years with a total of more than 70 subjects for students to choose.

  • Usually each student will choose between 6 and 9 subjects.
  • Including 3 compulsory subjects: Math and English and Science.
  • In addition, students can choose to study up to 4 electives depending on their ability, interests and future orientation.

IGCSE scale

  • For Core level: students only get the highest score from C – G.
  • For Extended level: scores range from A* – E

Conditions for getting IGCSE certificate

  • Achieve at least E for each Extended level and at least G for each Core level.
  • However, universities require a minimum score of C and most top schools recruit students with a B or higher.
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Entry requirements for the IGCSE program

The IGCSE program does not require students to complete a lower grade than the Key Stage 1-2-3 as long as they meet some of the following entry requirements:

  • Completed 8th grade knowledge.
  • Good academic English level.
  • The ability to attend a challenging program.
  • Test of knowledge input in English.

International schools teach IGCSE program

  • BIS (British International School)
  • BVIS (British Vietnamese International School)
  • AIS (Australian International School)
  • ABCIS (ABC International School)
  • SIS (Singapore International School)…

IGCSE exam preparation

Knowledge in the IGCSE program is not too difficult but with a relatively large number of subjects and to create a good foundation for studying university preparatory programs such as IB, AP, A-level,… IGSCE exam preparation will help students gain solid knowledge to adapt to the higher education program.


  • Set goals for each subject.
  • Plan study from overview to detail for each subject.
  • Refer to IGCSE books from different publishers.
  • Exchange lessons with friends.
  • Ask teachers in charge of a subject when problems arise.
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  • Self-research, reading, referencing from friends, teachers will help students remember knowledge for a long time.


  • With the same amount of time and the same number of IGCSE subjects, friends cannot spend too much time helping them.
  • Practically with class time no teacher can impart all the program knowledge along with a full range of exercises from basic to advanced.

IGCSE exam preparation with tutors


  • Strengthen solid foundation knowledge.
  • Can ask all questions about IGCSE knowledge and exercises.
  • Instructed on solving advanced exercises to get the maximum score.


  • High cost due to the relatively difficult program characteristics.
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