Common difficulties in IGCSE Math

26 August, 2020
Common difficulties in IGCSE Math – Any subject is the same, during the learning process, it is not always possible to grasp the lesson quickly, common difficulties in IGCSE Math are no exception.
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Levels in IGCSE Math

IGCSE Math is divided into three levels so students can choose based on their abilities, interests and future orientation. The choice of IGCSE Math level is very important, because it will be compatible with higher education. For example, the student who chooses basic level is difficult to study for A-level Math or IB Math. Common difficulties in IGCSE Math also depend on the levels they choose.

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  • IGCSE Math Core: This is suitable for students who are not gifted in Natural and oriented to study related to Social or Arts later. Because at this level, the knowledge taught is very basic.
  • IGCSE Math Extended: For students who have good knowledge base and are interested in this subject, this is also the preparation step into higher level programs at A-level or IB.
  • IGCSE Math Additional: This is the separate subject from Core and Extended. The content taught in IGCSE Math Additional is similar to the high school curriculum but at the less advanced level.
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Common difficulties in IGCSE Math

With IGCSE Math, if you choose the Core, it is not too difficult to get good grade, just listen carefully to the lecture in the classroom, complete the basic exercises in each chapter and practice again and again will quickly master.

On the Extended, the common difficulty is that although they have mastered the theory and applied it to the basic types of exercises, until they do the exercises that combine formulas, then it’s embarrassing. This is not difficult to understand because the theory is just the single lesson, but the exercise requires the skillful applications.

IGCSE Math Additional is really the challenge for students in grade 9-10, because they have to study the content equivalent to grade 11-12. The difficulty of this level includes not only the inability to apply the theory to solve advanced exercises but also to be familiar with the knowledge that will make them easily depressed. But there will be workarounds, just really try to spend a lot of time to learn many different textbooks and ask the teachers to fix and then solve it again. This certainly greatly supports your IGCSE Math Additional learning process.

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