AP home schooling with tutors

10 July, 2020
Học AP home schooling với gia sư
giasuib.com – AP is the study program managed and operated by College Board for students in grade 11 and 12 equivalent to the first year of college. AP can register for freelance candidate, so AP home schooling with tutors is still suitable for children who are not officially attending school.
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AP program is taught in most US high schools, helping students to access the environment and teaching method at the university from the time they are still in high school. Compared to the common ground when applying to college, students with AP certificate will be given priority for admission and scholarship.

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Students should choose subjects that are strong because AP requires in-depth knowledge in certain areas. With AP, students are facilitated to develop the skills and study habits they need to succeed in college, such as improve writing, problem solving, time management and focus on the goal. So how to get the high score?

The most essential and effective solution is AP home schooling with tutors. Homeschooling is the form of learning with teachers at home, introduced to Vietnam a few years ago and supported by many parents due to the certain effects that this form brings. It helps the students reduce the pressure of learning at school, focus on the subjects they love, have more time to improve life skills and social knowledge.

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Therefore, tutors who teach AP in addition to proficient in both communicative and specialized English must also have exam experience to transfer tips to help students be confident, overcome difficult questions and accompany them during the learning process.

Tutors need to inspire by being creative in the way of teaching, encouraging students to learn and find solutions for themselves before needing help from teachers, thus helping students to be active and as an important prerequisite for further study at university. Now you know how effective is AP home schooling with tutors.

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