How can improve IGCSE score quickly?

7 April, 2021
How can improve IGCSE score quickly – Even though IGCSE is just a standardized examination, many students still encounter difficulties finding how can improve IGCSE score quickly?


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There are many methods to improve IGCSE score and with the vast experience of many teachers who have been through IGCSE exam themselves, this article will summarize the methods of how can improve IGCSE score quickly.


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  1. Time management
  • Don’t find motivation to learn – force yourself to learn by discipline: Motivation only assumes the mood to learn. However with discipline, students will have to learn regardless of the conditions.
  • Don’t wait till mocks to start studying: One of the bad habits of many students is that they always wait until mock exams to start practicing and this leads to students rushing to practice fast.
  • Always leave time each day to revise: Don’t just study to keep up with the work, study to be ahead of the work.
  1. Exam preparation
  • At IGCSE level, the way to get good marks is to literally go as many test papers as you can, just look for them on Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA websites…
  • Students need to understand how the grading in IGCSE works, as once they understand the marking scheme, they will easily determine their goals and establish a suitable learning schedule.


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  1. Learning methods
  • Active recall: It’s the process of learning questions, test papers, flash cards… Most of us are already using this method without even realizing it. This is the most effective learning method because it forces your brain to retrieve information and form neural networks.
  • Spaced repetition: This is the process doing active recall at spaced intervals. Upon utilizing this process, you will be reviewing past knowledge by a specific spaced time span, such as 1 day after, 1 week after, 1 months after… This process will help engraving those pesky knowledge into the students’ memories.
  1. Just before the exam
  • Sleep: Don’t be a fool and neglect this, skipping a page or two to go to bed would help you score higher than if you were to stay up and grind throughout the night.
  • Cheatsheet: No, not to bring into the room, just a list of the stuff that you struggle with the most, read this before the exam instead of the entire book.


Hopefully, with those methods of how can improve IGCSE score quickly that listed, students can confidently enter IGCSE exam and achieve the desired results.


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