How do AP tutors support international students?

25 June, 2021
How do AP tutors support international students?

GiasuIB – Teaching an AP program can be both challenging and time consuming. A question that has been raised recently is how do AP tutors support international students?

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If as a parent you are looking for an AP tutor to support for your children, you must have thought up these questions: “Is the tutor qualified for teaching AP?”, “Does the tutor understand my kid’s characteristics and personality to provide appropriate support?”, “Will the teaching methods be effective?…. Giasuib will clear up these questions, hopefully you can find your answer to the question “how do AP tutors support international students?”

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How do AP tutors support international students

1.Having a basic grasp of knowledge: It is almost impossible for a teacher to know everything, but as a teacher, you must have a thorough understanding of your specialized subject. The AP official website provides teachers and students with all the information and materials needed for mostly every AP course. This is where AP teachers will rely on, along with references from famous publishers to develop lesson plans to support students about: knowledge, types of exercises, minitests, mock tests and pasts. paper over the years.

2.Understanding students’ struggles: To know how AP tutors support international students then you must know that AP students often face great pressure from fellow peers and parents. Competition among students is often fierce because they are often worried about their GPA and college benchmarks. It is an important job for teachers to remind their students that they have many other options to reach success and that there are many other students who have achieved their dreams without a high AP score.

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3.Keeping giving feedback and questions to students: AP teachers should always provide constructive feedback to help students develop and improve. While providing your comments for each individual student can be time-consuming, but in exchange for students’ happiness, it’s not much effort, isn’t it

4.Identifying appropriate teaching methods: After understanding the stress and mental problems of students, an AP tutor will begin to prepare lesson plans, lectures, and teaching methods that are suitable for that student’s ability and personality. Therefore, parents will have some peace of mind because by studying with a tutor each student will be personalized in learning to help them progress quickly and keep up with the AP program at school.

If you have more questions and more advice about how AP tutors support international students, you can join various AP education communities around the world. In these communities, you will find teachers and tutors who will be willing to share experiences, analyze your problems for everyone to comment, answer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the online forum (College Board AP Community, where you can connect with international teachers, join discussions, and find relevant resources or in specialized study groups).

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