How do IB tutors support international students?

10 July, 2021
How do IB tutors support international students? – According to the increasing demand from international school students, more and more international tutoring centers appear, especially IB programs. So specifically, how do IB tutors support international students?

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What difficulties do IB students often face?

  • Heavy curriculum: IB requires students to spend a lot of time to hone their knowledge, although students only choose 6 subjects in two years, this does not help IB students have much free time at all. On average, an assessment or TOK can take up to 20-30 hours to brainstorm and edit. A complete EE can take up to 40 hours. So if you are bad at arranging a reasonable timetable for each subject, you may feel a lot of pressure.
  • Ineffective acquisition of knowledge: In a class with quite a few students while there is only one teacher in the classroom, students are not able to be answered or given careful instructions at school. This is also one of the main reasons why studying IB becomes more and more stressful.
  • Unable to arrange time: When studying IB, students seem to have to become “well-rounded”. In addition to the subjects at school, students must also participate in CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) to ensure that learning is not only limited to the framework of the school, but also has to interact with the social community out there. Therefore, to balance between studying and participating in extracurricular activities is not easy for many students.

The above reasons make finding out how do IB tutors support international students more and more parents and students are interested in.

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How do IB tutors support international students?

  • IB tutors are not merely the ones who solve all the problems for students, but they are the ones who find the IB teaching method that focuses on making connections with them, finding out why students need them and focusing on supporting them to solve knowledge problems on their own, in order to help students be more self-disciplined in learning, creative and flexible.
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  • IB is an academically challenging program that puts many students under pressure to allocate study time to balance schoolwork and self-study at home. Therefore, the IB tutor will be the advisor to help students find the right learning method and arrange the time so that learning becomes easier.
  • In addition, the IB program is taught according to the rules, standards and practices exclusive to the IBO, so knowledge can sometimes lead to confusion, easily getting mistakes, and discouragement. Hence, IB tutors will have to have clear, concise and easy-to-understand teaching methods, and provide training exercises suitable to the abilities and needs of each individual.
  • Each IB subject has its own internal assessment components that have been moderated by the IBO and IB tutors should guide students to learn in a “marathon” and not a “sprint” style, so helping students to create their planning and organizing activities into long term, realistic chunks will not only help them accomplish their goals well, but will also help develop organizational and time management skills. Sometimes the teachers in the school cannot be flexible with the curriculum because it will affect many students at the same time and will go through the lesson quickly, but when studying with an IB tutor, students are guided and tutored carefully more and more, knowledge is focused on maximum and in-depth so that students can learn a certain part to make a knowledge base for future lessons.
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