How do IGCSE tutors support international students?

7 July, 2021
How do IGCSE tutors support international students

Giasuib – Studying the IGCSE program is both challenging and requires a lot of effort and time, in addition to self-study you need to study with a tutor to achieve the desired results. So how do IGCSE tutors support international students?

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What are the concerns of parents who have children studying IGCSE?

Expecting your children to achieve high results in exams or competitions is to any parents. However, getting that high score is not easy because IGCSE subjects require students to spend a lot of time practicing and thinking, causing many students to need support from tutors.

When looking for a tutor to support the IGCSE program, parents will have questions like: “Does the tutor have enough knowledge to take this class?”, “The tutor understands the psychology of the child to have best method support?”, “Effective teaching methods?”,… Giasuib has summarized the information below to answer the question of how do IGCSE tutors support international students?

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How do IGCSE tutors support international students?

Understand knowledge: IGCSE students often have troubles with this problem because the amount of knowledge in the IGCSE program is much and much more difficult than in the lower grades. IGCSE tutors who know the subject expertise will use the lesson notes to support you to re-systematize your background knowledge and expand your advanced knowledge.

A friend who supports you mentally: In addition to supporting you with the necessary knowledge for the exam, the teacher is a companion to share with you your difficulties in learning and also a person to help you orientate IGCSE study. 

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Assessment of learning quality: The tutor will give regular assessments during the learning process, through which you will realize your mistakes and make more progress. When you receive reviews from tutors, your knowledge and scores will also gradually improve.

Provide appropriate learning methods: Depending on the personality and learning capacity of each student, the teacher will have his/her own teaching method and support you to have a learning method suitable to your ability and personality. A personalized learning approach will help you quickly progress and keep up with the program.

Save time: The tutor’s experience will help you easily build a specific and suitable route for your ability without having to struggle like self-study, thereby optimizing your study time and don’t miss it like self-study gets boring in the middle.

More information for IGCSE students can refer to the website IGCSE Student Room for more information of how do IGCSE tutors support international students.

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