How high of an IB score do you need for a scholarship?

13 December, 2021
Điểm IB bao nhiêu thì săn được học bổng?

Giasuib – Are you studying IB and  preparing for the hunt for scholarships to study in the US to top universities? So what is the standard to receive the scholarship and how high of an IB score do you need for a scholarship?

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One of the most popular programs for study abroad scholarships is the IB, but can you get this easily?

Is IB difficult?

Each student will choose to study 6 subjects from 6 subject groups. In which the first 5 subjects will be selected from groups 1 to 5, the 6th subject group is an elective subject group, students can study 1 subject in this group or any other subject in the 5 groups above or study all 7 subjects (no. not much quantity). Each subject will have at least Internal Assessment and External Assessment to assess competency.

The subjects in the IB program have a score of 1-7, the absolute score for 6 subjects is 42. Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge will have a score of 3 points. To receive this certification you need at least 24 points total IB score and complete the essay EE, TOK, and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service CAS portfolio).

If you do not complete the CAS or get an E for TOK or EE, you will not receive an IB Diploma, but an IB certificate for each subject.

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How high of an IB score do you need for a scholarship?

In the process of studying IB, students will be given a Predicted Grade – PG score for each subject by teachers at the school they are attending, because after taking the final exam, students have to wait until mid-July to receive the official IB score. Through this score, students will easily apply to universities as a basis for universities to assess students’ abilities and profiles.

One of the criteria to help you search for scholarships easier is to complete the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service CAS portfolio) to help students between the ages of 16 and 19 more clearly shape people and life. This is a requirement to help you prepare for the important future and future study environment at university.

Currently, there is no specific score for the question of “how high of an IB score do you need for a scholarship?” because each school will have different frames based on the scores of the candidates at that time, but in order to be able to hunt for scholarships, universities To study reputation, students should get 35 points or more.

To be able to receive a scholarship, a student must meet the requirements and conditions to be eligible for that scholarship. That eligibility may vary based on the quality, amount, and level of study of that scholarship. Most students should have good academic records, in addition, students must keep their own achievements throughout the school year consistent.

From here, we can answer the question of “how high of an IB score do you need for a scholarship?”. So besides IB score, what criteria do you need to make your scholarship hunting easier?

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Conditions for applying for the scholarship

  • GPA: In order to easily get a scholarship to study in the US, you should strive to study well when you achieve a GPA of 7.0, then you can apply for scholarships from schools. When you achieve a GPA in years 9-12 with an average of 8.0 or higher, you will have an easy advantage over other students.
  • IELTS/TOEFL standardized test: one of the top conditions in applying for a scholarship is the IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 79 certification criteria. Foreign languages are an indispensable requirement for any study abroad program, is a bridge to communicate as well as absorb the quintessence of education.
  • SAT/ACT: In addition to assessing foreign language ability, students need to supplement the results of the SAT/ACT ability tests to easily win scholarships.
  • Social activities: Passion and Leadership are very important factors in the scholarship application because, in addition to academic ability, the school also focuses on the achievement of students’ extracurricular activities.
  • Essay: After completing the academic assessment criteria, you need to prepare an additional essay introducing yourself and explaining the compelling reasons why your school deserves a scholarship. The essay topic can analyze thinking skills, solve problems, or argue about an issue and need the connection of facts, problems students are facing, etc.

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