How many AP scores do universities require?

7 December, 2020
How many AP scores do universities require – For the best preparation, we first need to know how many AP scores do universities require? Are you looking for a chance to experience a modern education at top schools in America? Are you in the process of achieving the AP certificate to get closer to your goals? 

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How many AP scores do universities require?

AP test is scored on a scale from 1 to 5 as follows:

  • 5: Extremely Well Qualified
  • 4: Well Qualified
  • 3: Qualified
  • 2: Possibly Qualified
  • 1: Not Qualified

Some schools accept AP scores for course credit, others accept to place students into higher level courses, and some do both. The requirements of each university are different, but most will require a minimum score of 3 or 4 to enter to the university.

Requirements for specific scores of some schools in the US:

School name AP scores Exempted credits
George Mason University 3 – 5 3 – 9 
University of Georgia 3 – 5 3 – 4
American University 4 – 5 3 – 5 
Northeastern University 4 – 5 4 – 10 
Harvard University 5 4 – 8 


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Where can take the AP exam?

After knowing how many AP scores do universities require and choosing the subjects that you want to take, next step is find out the place to register for the exam. In Vietnam, you can take the AP exam at international schools that offer AP programs such as:

  1. Saigon South International School (SSIS).
  2. International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC).
  3. The American School (TAS).

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Benefits of taking AP exams in high school as below:

  • Rising chance to become a student at top universities in the US such as: American University, Baylor University, Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University…
  • To be exempted credits, graduate sooner, save time and costs.
  • Scholarship opportunity from 8,000 to 22,000 USD.

In addition to self-study, you can also take part in extra online courses or tutoring courses to practice AP more effectively and save time.

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