How many IB scores do universities require?

31 October, 2020
How many IB scores do universities require – Is your dream to study abroad? If your answer is “yes”, it’s time to start choosing the right program. If you are looking at the top universities in US or UK, it is important to know how many IB scores do universities require?

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About the IB diploma

IB program consists of 6 subject groups: first language, second language, personal and social, natural sciences, mathematics, and arts. If you successfully complete the exams of these subject groups, you will get 42 points and receive 3 extra points from Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a 4,000 word Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). The highest total score will be 45 points. So you will ask yourself how many IB scores do universities require?

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How many IB scores do universities require?

One thing that you need to consider before you start your IB journey is the score needed to secure your place at school, whether it’s in the US or UK.

In the US, the universities do not publish the specific benchmarks of the IB program. For Ivy League schools and select colleges, you will need a comprehensive combination of all 6 subject groups. A score above 40 makes you a more academically competitive candidate, and a score of 38 would be considered a good score.

If you are targeting Ivy League schools, you certainly don’t want to sink below 36 points. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) wants students to score at least 5 points for each HL subject. However, due to the competitive nature of admissions (UCLA receives the most applications from any university in the US), most students accepted typically score 38 or more.

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In the UK, most universities will not only look at your overall IBDP score, but also your score in specific HL subjects. For example, to apply for English Language Arts and Literature at Christchurch College, University of Oxford, applicants need to have an overall IBDP of 38 points and at least 6 out of 3 HL subjects. Here are some of the IB score requirements for the most competitive courses:

  • University of Cambridge: 40 points
  • University of London: 39 points
  • University of Oxford: 38 points
  • University of Bristol: 38 points
  • University of Durham: 36 points
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