How to calculate IGCSE percentage marks?

20 July, 2021
How to calculate IGCSE percentage marks? – Usually, parents and students only know how to calculate IGCSE scores from A * to G but do not really understand how to calculate IGCSE percentage marks and for what purpose. Let’s find out with!

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How to score IGCSE generally

IGCSE students will be graded on a scale from A* to F or G. In which, A* is the highest score in Cambridge IGCSE and G is the lowest score. So far, IGCSE scale score from A* to G is used in over 145 countries in over 6000 schools around the world and accepted by universities and employers around the world. You can register for IGCSE although you do not learn at an official school, this means that students can study at home or take IGCSE courses at any center, then register for exams at educational institutions that are authorized by CIE. Based on the certificate, the top universities will choose students who get the maximum score of A*, A, or B. Most other universities require students with a score above C. For students with a score below C can study at less competitive universities. So how to calculate IGCSE percentage marks can affect normal grades?

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How to calculate IGCSE percentage marks?

IGCSE percentage marks will be provided in addition to the regular grades. It is important to note that the percentage mark is not the total percentage of marks achieved for the course but rather a scale in the system that measures how many students scored high, how many students scored average, and how many students score low. The percentage marks will appear in the results report and not mentioned in the course certificate. For example, a student getting an A* would be placed on the 90-100% percentile scale, a student getting a D would be on the 50-59% percentile scale of the rest.

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The IGCSE percentage mark scale does not apply to students who are Ungraded, No results, or Pending. Below is a detailed table for the IGCSE percentage scale:


Grade  Percentage uniform mark range
A* 90-100
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
D 50-59
E 40-49
F 30-39
G 20-29


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To get closer to the top percentage marks, students can refer to some study tips such as:

  • Participating fully in classes and paying attention: Full attendance and taking notes when teachers teach at school is one of the important points to help you build a solid foundation of knowledge, making it easier for you to learn. easy self-study at home and have more time to learn new knowledge.
  • Effective study planning: IGCSE students not only focus on one subject but many at the same time, ensuring a balanced time between subjects makes your learning organized, self-disciplined, and better receptive.
  • Do not forget to rest properly: In addition to studying, everyone needs time for themselves. Exercising, watching movies, playing games, etc. are actually useful forms of relaxation if you don’t overdo it and neglect studying. – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE, GED… If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email or hotline for free advice.

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