How to choose a topic for EE?

27 April, 2021
How to choose a topic for EE – EE is something that makes you wonder. How to choose a topic for EE that many students are concerned about. The following article will provide you with information about Extended Essay.

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What is Extended Essay?

Along with CAS and TOK, Extended Essay is a component of the compulsory IB program with all subjects through which the ability to read research and write dissertation.

EE does not exceed 4,000 words, through which students will present research issues and topics that they are interested in, and at the same time show their knowledge and ability to read to help you acquire some essential skills.

Students typically begin their essay work in the second semester of the first year with teachers helping to structure their research questions and guiding them to write articles to create complete writing. So how to choose a topic for EE?

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How to choose a topic for EE?

  • Choose the topic you are passionate about: Only when you are interested in this topic, you can easily analyze, evaluate and present ideas (historical events, technology, inventions, books, poems, geography, markets, planets, experiments…).
  • Choose the topic make you feel right: No matter what topic you choose, you need to choose a topic that is accepted by IBO for the best support from your teacher.
  • The topic should be related to one of the subjects: The topic should be related to one of the six subjects on which the student is taking a diploma or they can take a world research interdisciplinary problem. The global issue must be viewed through local lenses, such as how climate change, cultural, terror, technological or health trends are represented.

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How to do EE?

  • Head: The question must be relevant, focused, and the answer is not simply yes or two. If thinking around the question has started early enough, if there are too many barriers to data collection, it is best to change the question with the help of your supervisor before going into trouble. You need to explain why the research question deserves to be investigated, and how it relates to the topic, in other words, it has to set the academic background for the essay.
  • Body: Start collecting data, storing information, the essay content can be summarized in the form of graphs and tables for evaluation based on relevant concepts and reading in the selected topic. Therefore, you need to give your arguments, structure, and headings before you start writing so that your essay is presented clearly and logically, using any of the terms correctly.
  • Conclusion: The summary section takes about 300 words of the essay to answer the research, a very short summary of the analysis, and the answer to the research question. You should not include any additional studies or analyzes summarizing what has been stated.

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