How to choose a topic for IA?

15 April, 2021
How to choose a topic for IA? – Many students spent a lot of time looking for the topic and doing IA (Internal Assessment) but the results were still not as expected. So how to choose a topic for IA to save time and be highly effective?

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Why is the way of choosing a topic?

  • Don’t set clear goals and plans for accomplishment: Although you spend a lot of time finding topics and doing IA, during that time you are not really focused on. Then you waste time until the deadline to submit your IA but still have not found a topic you want to.
  • There are too many topics you want to do, do not know which one to choose: Many students have not determined their own interests and strengths but the topics are extremely wide, so they are still struggling with the topics.
  • Having a topic but when it is done, it is not feasible: You have chosen a topic, but when doing it, there are not many references, or its application not suitable, or it is too difficult for you to perform.
  • High criteria of IA: Students often have to find new topics, little or no one has done yet, more contribution to reality, it will be appreciated highly. This is also one of the difficulties that you will face when trying to find how to choose a topic for IA.
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How to choose a topic for IA?

  1. Start early

Any topic takes time for planning, research, testing… Therefore, when you start early on selecting and doing IA topics, you will have enough time to implement and change, so your IA will be better.

  1. Identify the topic that interests you

This is the first and perhaps also the most important decision to make about your IA. Your choice of topic can make or break your investigation – so make sure you spend plenty of time focusing and thinking it over.

You can look through the syllabus to see what you have learned in class that you find enjoyable, curious, and would like to investigate further or a topic that is relevant and meaningful to you. Try to find simple topics for better handling and easier to score.

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  1. Understand carefully the criteria of IA
  • Scientific: You need to have solid theoretical bases for the topic (hypothesis building, modeling, results in explanation, proposing solutions…) to ensure logic, science, and persuasion.
  • Fresh: Topics that you are the first to do will often be appreciated for the value because new topics bring to them more than the old ones. In addition, you can also find new research methods, tools or techniques for evaluation and testing.
  • Feasible: To avoid wasting time because the topic is difficult to implement, you need to avoid topics that you cannot access the rationale. For example, in Economics you need to have specific data to increase the convincing of your topic, if you cannot have those data, the feasibility of the topic will be very low. Especially for subjects that need to experiment such as Physics and Chemistry, you need to test many times and record the data after each attempt to compare and find the best solution. In addition, you should also consult your teacher during the implementation to avoid wasting effort on an infeasible topic.
  • Attractive: To create excitement for readers as well as reviewers of IA, you must be interested in your topic, then you will try your best to complete and make them attractive.
  1. Use citations

When you refer to any materials, you come across a good idea and you want to use them for your IA, feel free to quote for your IA but don’t forget to mention the source so as not to incur the penalty for plagiarism.So that is a reason how to choose a topic for IA to save time and be highly effective 

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