How to choose the appropriate AP subjects?

17 May, 2021
How to choose the appropriate AP subjects? – Have you known how to choose the appropriate AP subjects  yet Let’s find out with us through this article.

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AP program

Completely different from Vietnam public program, AP (Advanced Placement) is a program that helps high school students have a clearer orientation on the appropriate disciplines when studying at universities and colleges.

In AP program, students will choose 3 subjects related to the subject studying at university or college, so students can focus on building the foundation knowledge for their future studies so that when you go to university, you will not face too many difficulties like public school students in Vietnam studying up to 10 subjects per year.

In addition, AP does not divide the level, and the scale of AP subjects will be from 1 to 5 points, of which 3 points have met the need for most universities. So how to choose the appropriate AP subjects?

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How to choose the appropriate AP subjects ?

AP program has up to 38 courses in disciplines such as Arts, English, History and Social Science, Math and Computer Science, Sciences, and World Languages and Culture to choose appropriately with their interests and abilities. However, before choosing the disciplines to pursue in AP years, you should note the followings:

  • Determine your strengths: The number of subjects you must take when studying AP is not many, but this means you have to spend a lot of effort in a deep understanding of each subject, do not choose perfunctorily, it will take a lot of time and effort if you choose the wrong subjects that lead to the wrong direction of the future discipline.
  • Find out the right AP course: Many subjects in AP program are for those who like to study nature, humans, past events… that you can completely learn by yourself included in History and Social Sciences discipline such as Environmental Science, Human Geography, Psychology… because the knowledge does not make you face too much difficulty but can completely self-learn by searching a good ability to memorize and grasp current events. If you like to study subjects that are logical, have lots of exposure to calculations and require a high practical application, you can consider choosing subjects in disciplines such as Math and Computer Science, Sciences… For details of each discipline, students can visit the official College Board website (AP Courses and Exams) to learn.
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  • Personality recognition: Not everyone can determine which career they will be suitable for, the following websites will help you test your personality to better orient your future career, from there, you can choose the appropriate AP subjects:
    • MBTI: Determines whether you attribute any of the 16 personality types and work arrays that match.
    • Keirsey Temperament Sorter: Helps you to understand and discover how your true personality affects your future and how you handle your work.
    • 16Personalities: The test helps you discover whether you are introverted or extroverted, what your trends in the workplace are, your strengths and weaknesses, and then choose the appropriate field of study.
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AP program is actually a pre-university program, so you will encounter many difficulties during your study, try to acquire a lot of knowledge from school work, study more external knowledge, and regularly do homework as well as do many mock tests, you will find your effort is completely worth it. – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE, GED… If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email or hotline for free advice.

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