How to choose the appropriate IGCSE subjects?

5 June, 2021
How to choose the appropriate IGCSE subjects – IGCSE is a widely taught international high school certificate that covers a wide range of subjects. The number of subjects makes many students confused about how to choose the appropriate IGCSE subjects?

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IGCSE program

IGCSE is a two-year International High School Program for students in grades 9-10 administered by Cambridge, providing a solid foundation for further studies such as A-level or IB.

Each subject in the program is assessed from an A* to a G. If a student receives a G, it is considered a U (this means not graded). An A* is a rare score, with each subject usually only about 7% of students achieving an A* with different assessment methods.

Possessing an IGCSE certificate will open up opportunities for you to continue your studies in a modern and professional education system at home or abroad.

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How to choose the appropriate IGCSE subjects?

  • Choose enough and correct subjects in 5 subject groups: Creative and career, English and literature, math, natural science, social science.
  • Choose 6 to 9 subjects: Out of 70 subjects in IGCSE, you need to choose at least 5 subjects (in which there are 3 core subjects – Math, Science, and English) to study in 2 years.
  • Choose Core and Extended subjects: Students can choose about 3 out of 6 subjects as Extended. You can choose Math, English, Literature and one subject in the Science group.
  • Depending on your interests: If you like science or business, you should choose related subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies…

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  • Choose subjects based on aptitude: It depends on how much you like the writing part of each subject as the test will ask you to write essays.
  • Choose a subject depending on the program you are attending: Each school will have a different training method, so each school will train different subjects so you should consider when choosing a subject.
  • Choose subjects based on career orientation: Choose a subject where you can fully develop your skills and support your work.

To learn the best IGCSE program, you need to have a way to know how to choose the appropriate IGCSE subjects that are right for you to learn as well as develop yourself to contribute to the best career orientation.

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