How to convert IB scores to GPA?

23 October, 2021
cách quy đổi điểm IB thành điểm GPA – For American students, understanding your GPA for admission to prestigious universities is very important. But what if they study the IB program? That’s why everyone should know how to convert IB scores to GPA.

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What is GPA score?

The definition of GPA score can sound very foreign to international students because it is an average score scale used by universities and colleges in the US.

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a number used to measure student achievement in school subjects. A student’s GPA is a flexible number used throughout high school because it changes each semester as new points and academic achievements are accumulated.

GPA scores are calculated based on many scales of different international education programs such as IB, AP, etc. Therefore, GPA is a data used to measure students’ success and achievement accumulated during their academic years.

A student’s higher GPA indicates that the student is ready for the challenges and hardships of the college’s environment in America. Therefore, we learn how to convert IB scores to GPA in the next part of this article.

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How to convert IB scores to GPA

As you know, GPA score is calculated based on 2 points: Weighted and Unweighted. The letter score will be calculated as a point value based on the overall scale.

The traditional unweighted grading scale typically assigns an A score of 4.0, a B grade of 3.0, a C grade of 2.0, and a D score of 1.0. A weighted GPA adds additional points based on student achievement and further education in rigorous coursework, such as the IB program, AP program, Advanced classes,…

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To calculate semester GPA:

  1. Find the appropriate scale value for each letter grade.
  2. Add the points for each course earned that semester.
  3. Divide the grade points total by the total number of courses attempted that semester.

To calculate cumulative GPA:

  1. Find the semester GPA.
  2. Add the semester GPAs.
  3. Divide the total of semester GPAs by the total number of semesters attempted


A 4 4.33 93-100% 7L, 7S, 7H
A- 3.67 4 90-92% 6L, 6S, 6H
B+ 3.33 3.67 87-89% 5H
B 3 3.33 83-86% 5S
B- 2.67 3 80-82% 5L
C+ 2.33 2.67 77-79% 4H
C 2 2.33 73-76% 4S
C- 1.67 1.67 70-72% 4L
D+ 1.33 1.33 67-69% 3H
D 1 1 63-66% 3S
D- 0.67 0.67 60-62% 3L
E 0 0 0-59% 1L, 1S, 1H, 2L, 2S, 2H

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