How to convert IGCSE score to GPA?

7 August, 2021
How to convert IGCSE score to GPA – Some universities in the United State and developed countries will have several scholarship options according to different criteria, one of which is GPA. If you do not really understand how to convert IGCSE scores to GPA you can refer to this article.

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What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average (GPA Certificate) to be the cumulative average score of students, throughout the learning process, the score can partly assess the student’s learning ability in every subject. 

This is considered an indicator of learning outcomes according to the education systems of countries such as Canada, the c, Australia, and other European countries. Through the GPA, the school has an overview of the academic level as well as the level of effort and effort in learning.

GPA is the average of a semester or the cumulative GPA of an entire course, therefore, you will take a test or take each subject in the curriculum to calculate the average of each subject and then add it to your GPA.

Commonly, to apply to a university in the Western, in addition to GPA, schools also consider many other factors such as: essay about reasons why you want to apply to that school, SAT or ACT scores, social activities, etc. … but your GPA is still the first and most important factor for the admissions committee to accept your application. In addition to converting points for Upper Secondary programs such as AP, A-level, IB, etc., depending on the university, the scores of the Lower Secondary years will also be considered, so you also need to understand how to convert IGCSE score to GPA.

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How to convert IGCSE score to GPA

Most universities in the world will not ask to convert IGCSE scores to GPA, but will most likely ask to convert scores from A levels or International Baccalaureate programs. Cambridge International 

However, it is still best to send an email to ask the university that you want to apply to, because there may be schools in the UK that will need the results of your IGCSE years instead of just the scores of the pre-university programs such as AP, A-level or IB.

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Examinations do not calculate the grade point average (GPA) for students. But according to the reference guide recommended by the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), below is a reference to understand how to convert IGCSE scores to GPA

Marks (%) Grade GPA
90-100 A* 4.0
80-89 A 4.0
75-79 B* 3.7
70-74 B 3.6
65-69 C* 3.2
60-64 C 3.0
55-59 D* 2.6
50-54 D 2.4
45-49 E* 2.2
40-44 E 2.0
30-39 F 1.6
20-29 G 1.4
0-19 U 0


The table above is how to convert IGCSE scores from the letter points and percentage points to GPA for reference, although not really accurate, partly helps universities to assess the academic achievement of students in lower secondary years. On the other hand, compare the correlation with a student’s high school years to learn if there is a big difference or if the student’s achievements have been consistently maintained over the years.

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