How to find suitable IB Chemistry reference books?

14 June, 2021
How to find suitable IB Chemistry reference books? – IB Chemistry is considered a subject with extensive knowledge and difficult to achieve high scores. However, this can be possible if you know how to find suitable IB Chemistry reference books from the start.

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Why should you choose the suitable IB Chemistry books?

IB Chemistry studies the composition, structure, properties, and changes of matter. By studying this subject, you will know about the elements, compounds, atoms, and understand the nature and chemical reactions. The notes for students towards this subject is that it requires students to have a solid foundation, analytical ability and apply what they have learned to the types of exercises. With a large and complex amount of knowledge, IB Chemistry easily causes many students confused, wondering, and depressed about the subject they have chosen, so to avoid this negative situation, you need to know how to find suitable IB Chemistry reference books, they are like “battle weapons”, no one can win if has chosen the wrong “weapon” in the first place.

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How to find suitable IB Chemistry reference books?

  • Oxford IB Diploma Program: Chemistry Course Companion – The IB Chemistry Course Book should have:

This is a book for both SL and HL levels, providing new concepts, focused exam practice, TOK links, and real-life applications. This book covers the most accurate, relevant, and comprehensive knowledge guaranteed by the IBO, suitable for students who need a curriculum that can fully integrate a new conceptual approach, helps students to understand the problem comprehensively, and build assessment potential based on analytical and problem-solving practice. Therefore, if you are wondering which IB Chemistry reference books to choose to start with, consider this book right away!

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  • Oxford IB Study Guides: Chemistry for the IB Diploma – A study guide book worth reading:

Oxford IB Study Guides are recommended for those who like to acquire knowledge through diagrams and colorful images. The book is for both HL and SL levels, providing easy-to-follow concepts broken down through diagrams and illustrations with a concise and focused approach to simplifying complex ideas, clear and explanatory style, the professional language is presented clearly and concisely, helping students develop assessment confidence and strengthen potential with problem-solving skills.

  • Chemistry for the IB Diploma Exam Preparation Guide – The book to help you prepare well for the exam:

Students who often make many mistakes in exams should refer to this book. The book includes questions with model answers, answers with explanations, annotated exemplar answers, worked examples, and hints to review knowledge, exam technique and avoid common mistakes. The book is designed and presented in an engaging and student-friendly tone so that you can memorize and apply your knowledge in exams with ease.

  • Internal Assess for Chemistry for the IB Dip: Skills for Success – The book to help you get a high score in IB Chemistry IA:

For those of you who are struggling and worried because your IA score will below, this is a book you should not miss. The book provides advice and guidance from an experienced IB Diploma teacher to help students build skills for Individual Investigations, accumulate test tips, and avoid common mistakes; Improve your analytical ability and test-taking skills through examples, explanations, etc. So you can self-assess your progress.

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To achieve efficiency and fast results, students should combine choosing the suitable IB Chemistry reference books with the appropriate IB Chemistry learning method, so that IB Chemistry will no longer be a struggle for you. – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE, GED… If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email or hotline for free advice.


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