How to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks?

2 August, 2021
How to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks? – How to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks? This is a question asked by many IB students. Through this article, we will help you know how to find the right IB Math AA textbook for the new school year.

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How to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks?

We’ll go straight to your question. In order to find the right IB Math AA textbook, students must consider a variety of criteria. Here are some methods and tips to help students:

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  • The simplest way to help students find the right curriculum is always from IBO’s document aggregation website: IBdocuments or IBresources. Here students can find everything from materials, study guides, question banks, Extended Essay writing samples, and all organized by year from old to new. 
  • Utilize IB study material websites to aid in your search. These are websites that summarize all the information an IB student might need from textbooks to past papers. Here are some typical websites:  Exam Mate, PDFdrive, IB Question Bank,…
  • Don’t force yourself to study a confusing textbook you were introduced to by a friend or teacher or due to the crowd pressure. The purpose of referencing documents is to make learning simple, but if its effect is counterproductive then you will only waste your own time and effort.
  • Always use up-to-date material for the correct year with the latest exam format
  • Your syllabus should highlight which areas should be focused on (i.e. content is important) and which areas should not require much focus (i.e. content is of lesser importance). Based on the experience of many former IB students, a quality curriculum will have to show what and where is of greater importance, and you need to achieve a higher level of performance. Make sure your document covers this important aspect.

Some reference IB Math AA materials and textbooks

After you know how to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks, we at giasuib have compiled for students some IB Math AA textbooks for reference:

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  • Haese and Harris IB SL Analysis & Approaches: It costs about $79.33, but students can find a free version online. This is the textbook for students who aim to score 6-7 in IB Math AA. The questions in this book are sometimes more difficult than the questions in the IB Past paper. In addition, the textbook also provides a very detailed and thorough explanation, helping students to recognize mistakes and improve. Many students consider this the best and most appropriate material for IB Math AA preparation.
  • Oxford IB Diploma Programme IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches: Price $84.99. Suitable for average students with a goal of 5-6 points. The special thing about this course is that the practice questions are explained very well and in great detail. The detailed answer key can be found in the website mentioned in the book (within the first 20 pages). However, this book has some pretty annoying Answer key errors.
  • Mathematics for the IB Diploma: Higher Level with CD-ROM: Price $97.75. Rare and special types of exercises are what make this textbook worthwhile. However, the textbook does not provide answer explanations like the two textbooks above. If this Cambridge curriculum has a detailed explanation, we recommend choosing Cambridge over Oxford.

So do you know how to find suitable IB Math AA textbooks? Hopefully, through this article, you can answer that question.

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