How to get a 7 in IB Biology?

14 November, 2020
How to get a 7 in IB Biology – Biology in the IB is probably one of the most content heavy subjects because of the amount of knowledge that is as difficult as heavy that students need to acquire. Therefore, the students usually only try to get 4, 5, or 6, but if there is a way how to get a 7 in IB Biology, would you like to give it a try?

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  • Thoroughly grasp learning content

Do not “let the grass grow under your feet”. Spend a lot of time each day reviewing old lessons, do many related exercises, and preview new lesson content. The fact that you review old knowledge will help your brain remember better and longer, practice many related exercises will help you review the knowledge you have learned, also connect old knowledge and build a solid foundation for new lessons.

With lessons with a difficult amount of knowledge, you should spend a lot of time to master the knowledge and practice lots of exercises, do not skip them because of its hard content.

  • Change the way you learn

When you are tired of reading too many words, why not create your own new way to get how to get a 7 in IB Biology? It is easier for Biology students if the content is conveyed in a graphic format. Get inspired and enjoy learning by using the mindmap to present the main ideas in different colors and your creativity. Use as few words as possible and draw it out. In this way, you can memorize an active and more effective way than reading a passage that is covered with written words.

In addition, for notable lessons that you often make mistakes, write down a note, and stick around your house so that you can always review them. As a result, you can approach knowledge in a way that is both interesting and effective.

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  • Understand command terms

Learn how to answer questions and make sure that you know the difference between “distinguish between” and “compare” and how to answer correctly. Remembering well how to use exam terms can help you reduce the risk of losing points due to not understanding the terms thoroughly.

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  • Join a study group

In terms of the study group, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big group. An effective study group should be maximum of 5 people or only 2-3 people. Try to find at least one person who is good at Biology to join the group as they can provide useful advice and help you improve your flaws. Group study is not only fun but also useful and convenient for sharing how to get a 7 in IB Biology effectively.

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It seems that getting maximum points for IB Biology is not too difficult if you try to apply the learning methods that has suggested as above. In addition, the main motivation is none other than yourself, find out the reason to achieve your desired score of 7 for IB Biology so that you always try and accomplish it effectively. – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IBAPA-levelIGCSEGED… If you have any questions, please contact directly by email or hotline for free advice.

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