How to get a 7 in IB English B?

23 May, 2021
How to get a 7 in IB English B? – When you want to develop your English skills and you choose IB English B but don’t know how to do well in this subject, you can refer to how to get a 7 in IB English B.

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What is IB English B?

Unlike English A, English B does not require you to understand and show your appreciation for literature texts, poems, or novels. The focus of English B courses is communication, designed for non-native English speakers. The aim of this subject is to improve your English ability and allow you to use English better as a tool to express your ideas and knowledge in different areas.

Your entire IB English B program is based around 5 themes below:

  • Identities – an opportunity to discover their interests, values, beliefs, and culture.
  • Experiences – invites students to consider how events that take place impact an individual’s life.
  • Human ingenuity – the characteristic of humans is the desire to create and invent.
  • Social organization – focus on three aspects: work, school, and love.
  • Sharing the planet – living in a globalized world. 
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How to get a 7 in IB English B?

IB English B requires you to have some background in English communication skills. But if you are not yet used to the English-speaking environment, this is also an opportunity for you to get used to understanding English-speaking culture. And it is important that you are diligent, willing to take the time and effort to practice your English skills. That way you can get a score of 7 in this subject. Here are specific how to get a 7 in IB English B: 

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  • Reading: One of the most direct ways to help you get a deeper understanding is to read English many books because English books can help you get used to the English presentation and improve your receptive skills. You can choose kind of favorite books or practice directly with the reading comprehension exercises to get used to the structure, increase the vocabulary, and accumulate problem-solving experiences, when faced with the actual exam you will not be surprised.
  • Writing: The practice of writing paragraphs, essays is one of the ways to learn to get a 7 in IB English B when you want to master writing skills. After you have written a text, please do look for the teachers and advice and corrections. Those advises are crucial and important for your improvements in writing English.
  • Speaking: Please don’t afraid to speak English to communicate with your friends. Through a practice that you can truly improve your English communication skills. Besides, it helps to develop the ability to explain your ideas and opinions clearly in your living and learning.
  • Listening: Usually, when we listen, we often listen to keywords to absorb and perceive the problem and sometimes ignore important information. With the method of listening and writing down what you hear, you will focus on listening to each word of a conversation or a passage to help develop listening skills in the most comprehensive way.
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