How to get a score of 7 in IB Math?

18 September, 2020
How to get a score of 7 in IB Math – The subjects in IB program have a maximum scale of 7. Most students when studying Math usually only aim for a score of 4-6 points, 4 is considered a passing score. However, for those who have an interest in Math, how to get a score of 7 in IB Math?

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Who will be suitable to get 7 IB Math?

Trying to score 7 in Math is only possible when you have identified IB Math as your favorite subject and plan to continue with advanced studies in college or you want to apply to the top universities in the world. You will have to write essays, do a lot of research and do a variety of homework related to this subject. If you feel that you are not enjoying this subject enough and do not see any significant improvement compared to other subjects, then taking a score of 4-6 will seem easier for you.

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Tips for learning how to get a score of 7 in IB Math

  1. Understand all supporting sources

This step may seem boring at first glance, but is essential. If you want to get a score of 7, it is extremely important to have a good understanding of the complementary resources you need to achieve your goal.

In the IB Math exam, you will find two types of questions: frequently asked questions and rare ones. The first type of question is usually not difficult for most students because they are what you have learned and practiced many times. But with the second type of question, you will spend a lot of time for researching tirelessly in difficult exercises, combining many formulas and high inference ability.

Currently, we have to look for these questions on Google, not only will you find the answers you need, but also learn many other interesting things related to the subject from students who have had experience with scoring 7 in IB Math 7 before.

In addition, international programs like IB have quite a few publishers publishing a variety of books with many types of exercises from basic to advanced. Students can refer to books from famous publishers such as Cambridge, Oxford, Haese, Holdder Education… and practice them until proficient.

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  1. Take mock exams and practice past papers

For a way to know how to get a score of 7 in IB Math, this step is indispensable. Reading books, materials and doing individual exercises won’t get you a 7. What you need is to do a lot of practice test and past papers with the same amount of time in the exam room. FAQs probably won’t take you long to complete if you have practiced with more past papers before. At the same time, your ability to handle rare questions is also significantly improved because you have more time to think and solve.

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There are also ways to learn to get 7 points in IB Math you can refer to:

  • Allocate reasonable study time.
  • Learn for yourself through mistakes.
  • Study with friends or seek out tutoring classes. – A place to share experiences of learning international programs such as IBAPA-levelIGCSEGED… If you have any questions, please contact directly by email or hotline for free advice.

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