How to get a score of 7 in IB Physics?

29 October, 2020
How to get a score of 7 in IB Physics – Never think that IB Physics is an easy subject. This is the subject with the lowest percentage of students scoring 7. So how to get a score of 7 in IB Physics?

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The basic requirements for scoring 7 IB Physics

  • Possess a comprehensive curriculum information including concepts and principles.
  • Select and apply relevant information, concepts, and principles in a variety of exercises.
  • Competently analyze, evaluate, and process quantitative or qualitative data.
  • Develop and explain in detail about complex phenomena and make suitable predictions.
  • Communicate logically and concisely using appropriate terms and conventions.

To have a way to know how to get a score of 7 in IB Physics, you must master these basic requirements to create a premise and conquer your goals.

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How to get a score of 7 in IB Physics?

  • Know the curriculum

Everything that can be tested is completely within the textbook you are studying. You need to know the curriculum in detail to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the exam.

  • Identify strengths

After familiarizing yourself with the curriculum, you should plan to use your time effectively. You should take tests and mock exams, then take a moment to review which parts you were really having trouble with and which you were comfortable with.

  • Time management

If you manage your time well, you can do everything in one day that would normally take another student three days. Effective time management eliminates distractions while you practice, such as not surfing Facebook while studying. However, you also need to take some breaks. The brain will not be able to work after hour without rest or “refueling”.

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  • Practice past papers

Don’t be fooled that you can score 7 IB Physics without going through the previous exams. It’s helpful to do past papers, especially in timed conditions. It helps you to practice from knowledge to exercises. If there is a question you can’t do, look at the results and try to do it again.

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